Monday, May 25th

No one is indispensable – be careful amigo, Victor warns. Paranoia spoils the best laid plans, Yack replies. Watch your back or you may lose everything. Your wife is coming – enjoy your breakfast, Victor then goes to greet Neil and Nikki at the revolving door. Thanks for defending my wife. Victor asks if Nikki was drunk. No, Nikki says. Yes, Neil tattles.

Dylan joins Sharon at CL’s – and as Faith pouts about never being able to spend nights at Mommy’s, Sharon updates that it was Sage who brought it up.

On the patio, Sage isn’t trying to get rid of Faith (to clear the path for her baby) She’s trying to make things work for all of us. OK – and maybe Sharon can help Faith accept this baby. Nick knows that Sharon doesn’t want Faith to be unhappy. Dylan appears – glad you realize that. Nick’s still not sure he can trust Faith alone with Sharon overnight. But she won’t be alone. Oh? How close ARE you and Sharon? Nick asks.

Sharon walks onto the patio as Dylan claims that he cares about Sharon and Faith and will be there for both. I appreciate that – and have your back too, Sharon smiles. Nick then tells Faith that he’s going to call the Judge and see about her spending one night a week at Mom’s. And everyone’s happy.


As Avery listens, Joe tells the DR that she does push him – but he won’t let her put her life on hold. He got through Avery leaving him once, he can do it. Oh – Avery – didn’t see you there. After Joe wheels out, the DR reports that he can leave. Yes, today – as long as he has a support system. I guess that’s me, Avery forces a smile.

Don’t believe Neil, he’s a drunk, Nikki sniffs. Neil lists everyone who say her drinking. OK – so Nikki had a few drinks (who can blame her) Let us help you, Neil implores. Go to hell, both of you, Nikki leaves Victor to mumble that he’s had the bar removed from her room. Rehab isn’t an option. It’s time for harsher measures.

Kevin stands firm – Tobias wasn’t the killer. Even Mariah agrees with snowflake (that he was) OK – it’s dropped, Kevin snaps.

Seated at the club, Phyllis is feeling a shift in the universe. She could barely recognize Yack at one point. Yack admits – he was trying to recapture his youth. Both are ready to move forward. And ‘go with the ghost’ – you do remember that? Yack was distracted – by Phyllis beautiful eyes (which now narrow in suspicion)

At home, Sharon’s eager to re-do Faith’s bedroom. Dylan does think it’ll happen (but can’t take credit) He then updates on his run in with Avery – he’s made his choice (but doesn’t smile as he hugs Sharon)

Avery brings in paperwork – Joe’s released – and GCM is ready for him as an outpatient. Avery’s also made a decision – she wants Joe to come home with her.

Faith thanks her Dad, but is still reserved with Sage. She already has a brother and a sister. How about names? Olivia? Faith suggests. Nick opts for; Nick – sounds tough, smart, cool. Faith thinks silly. How about Jabberwocky? As she goes to get milk, Sage and Nick joke. But the real question is – is Sage ready for the Newman’s?

On the rooftop, Nikki quenches her thirst. It’s early – even for a drunk, Neil appears. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, Nikki slurs. I will stop drinking when I’m ready. Trying not to chuckle at her shenanigans, Neil gives the bartender the international ‘cut off’ order. Catch y’all later, she wobbles off. Neil makes a call – I’ve got a friend in serious trouble – there’s only one way to help.

In the restaurant, Kyle goes to chat with his Dad – leaving Summer to admit to her Mom that she feels guilty about moving on. She’s ready to let Kyle show her who he really is. Phyllis understands – even those we’ve been with for a long time sometime seem a stranger.

Meanwhile, Kyle tells Yack that Kevin’s having a hard time dropping his theory. Yack hopes he does. The case is closed. It won’t do anyone any good digging into it.

At the station, Mariah knows Kevin’s not stating his shift early – but she also can’t say he’s wrong (about Tobias not being the killer)

At the club, Victor gets a call – several ships left the docks last night, it’s possible Abbott stowed away. They’re carrying illegal loads, destined for all over the world. So Jack Abbott might be on his way home, Victor scowls.