Monday, May 25th

Next: If Avery chooses Joe that’s her choice, Dylan asserts. Avery wants YOU, Phyllis insists …. I’m fine. You’re not fine. Joe and Avery land closely together on the sofa …. Play your cards right and I’ll give you a free shower, Nikki’s barely able to stand as she pulls a guy into her suite.

My Thoughts; I’m no physical therapist, but shouldn’t Joe be working out both biceps equally? And shouldn’t there be a machine for triceps? Putting the dumb bell on the floor can’t be good for his back. Is there no stand for them? …. Why hasn’t Phyllis suggested Joe hire Sarge? (he’d spot Yack in a minute) … Phyllis is ‘glad the psycho is caught’? So he ‘can’t kill again’? Uh – Tobias wasn’t exactly caught – and the only reason he won’t kill again is because he’s dead. It doesn’t look good that the double murder was solved while both the Chief or Police and DA were out of town (looking into a drug lord) … NOW the indignant Victor remembers his a connection to Austin and Courtney? And since Courtney’s parents aren’t taking Noah’s calls, can’t you help your grandson out? Throw some money at them? … Avery’s back in town for one day – to help Mike on a case. Yet, we don’t even get to see Mike (because his cancer battle is far less interesting than Nick’s latest bun in the oven – and the Scooby Doo gangs brainstorming; hindered by the lack of brains) … How utterly irresponsible of Nick and Sharon to let Faith know about the pregnancy so early on. Given the way the writing’s been lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Faith smothers her pesky little brother or sister with a stuffed animal. This back and forth between Faith’s is unnerving (though both are good little brats actresses) I guess Faith will be OK with her Mom moving HER boyfriend in – it’s only Nick’s partners she objects to … How lame is the GC Buzz? – their biggest (and only) stories have revolved around the Winters’ family, Nikki’s 40+ year old diary, and now her drinking. Why aren’t they following Nikki around? (not like she’d be hard to catch)… Vikki’s an idiot if she believed her Mom’s lies (pretty well the same lies as when she almost dropped your baby!) … If Neil was booked for assault while on probation, how did Leslie manage to get him out? Why would the drunk guy drop the charges? He should have lawyering up. Doesn’t he know Neil’s loaded? (no pun intended) … Victor’s more concerned with locating Jack than his inebriated wife safely making it off the rooftop – ROOF TOP (and Neil didn’t seem overly concerned either)