Friday, June 12th

Questioned by Phyllis, Victor claims to be worried about Ashley. She’s fine – Victor’s always had a soft spot for my sister, Yack reminds. Oh yes, Phyllis should have guessed – Victor would be shaken if he lost his favourite Abbott.

Still at the club, Summer’s pouting ends briefly when Ashley joins her and Kyle. But when he won’t fill her in on business in front of Summer, she agrees to go see Yack. Feeling left out, Summer pouts some more.

Billy’s growing on Vikki – like a rash? At Underground, they flirt back and forth.

At CL’s, Nick doesn’t want to pressure Sage – but her moving in makes sense. Faith? She’s warming up to you – some (or she will – she loves babies) Kids can adjust. Nick wants his family together – and to take care of Sage (who’s not sure what’s changed) The surgery scared him; the idea of losing her or the baby. I want you – I need you. OK – I’m moving in ~kiss~ Dylan and Sharon appear *awkward*

Kyle chides Summer for trying to discuss business with Ashley. But she’d want to know here family’s up to something, Summer knows what she saw; you, Billy and Yack are hatching a plot. Tell me what’s going on! It’s driving Summer crazy. As Kyle asks her to drop it, Summer guesses it has to do with her Grandpa.

When Ashley arrives at the lab, pleasantries are exchanged before she takes Yack outside. That leaves Phyllis to confront Victor.

Back at Underground, Vikki and Billy continue to play one another. She almost feels like she can ask him anything…..

Nick apologizes for accusing Sharon of using Sage’s hospitalization to get more time with Faith. It was a tense time, Sharon understands; Dylan made her see that she shouldn’t have pushed. They then discuss Avery and that dirt-bag Joe (who got punched by Dylan) Restraining orders are in place. Sharon’s smile vanishes when Nick announces that Sage is moving in with him.

Sharon covers well – she had a feeling this was coming. Congratulations. Nick and Sage thank her. As for Faith, Sharon will try ease her into the transition. She really does wish Nick and Sage all the best.

Kyle can’t discuss work with Summer – but wait, don’t go. Try give us a shot here. Summer IS – but they can’t have a future is Kyle’s already keeping secrets. Here’s a secret – I love you, Kyle confesses (and thinks she loves him too) Summer thinks of Austin; she can’t have another relationship built on lies. OK – but not here, Kyle leads her out.

Phyllis knows Victor wasn’t emotional over Ashley – him showing vulnerability in front of Yack was weird. We have a different relationship now, Victor explains- the battles are behind us. He has a lot of enemies (and hopes Phyllis won’t become one of them – Yack wouldn’t like that) Phyllis backpedals – she didn’t mean to look for trouble (but is left looking suspicious)

In the lab’s office, Yack updates Ashley (who’s most surprised to hear that ‘Gabe’s’ in on the plot – and that everyone’s going along with it; she’s not – it’s illegal. Yack claims that this takeover has been his plan all along.

Vikki has a hard time believing the truce between her Father and Yack (who she thinks will try something first) And what is Billy thinking????

Dylan and Sage chat at the counter. He’ll put a good word in with Faith too. She loves me, he laughs. And yes, he plans to be with Sharon for a while. Back at the table, Nick and Sharon have a nice chat; he’s proud – you and Dylan make quite a team. Yes, we do, she smiles over at Dylan.

How can the hostility between Victor and Yack just end? Will one of them backslide? Vikki guesses Yack will be the first to attack. Billy will keep and eye on Yack, if she keeps a eye on Victor.