Friday, June 12th

The truce was all window dressing, Yack claims. You lied, Ashley’s pissed. And IS it a joint effort? What’s HE doing while they’re all siphoning money? Yack’s playing the part with Victor. So your hands won’t be dirty? Yack won’t let anything be traced back to them (but must remain a step removed) Ashley still thinks that framing Victor is wrong. Fine – then she needs to stay out of the rest of the Abbott’s way.

Now alone, Dylan could tell that Sharon was putting on a good face earlier. OK – maybe she wants to take the next step with Dylan. Listing all the ‘incredible’ things about Sharon, Dylan would like to move in with her. I will ~hug~

Nick and Sage bump into Victor at the club. She meant what she said about supporting herself, but the baby comes first (so she’s moving into Nick’s) Victor’s left to shake his head.

On a park bench, Kyle stalls – this isn’t easy for me. Summer encourages him- we’ll get through it together. OK – the merger isn’t what it appears.

Deciding it’s too soon to work after all, Ashley leaves. Yack’s surprised Phyllis is still there. She didn’t buy the bogus explanation he and Victor gave her – and before trying to ‘snow me’, know I already questioned Victor. What’s going on around here?!

Yes, Yack’s angry – because Phyllis grilled Victor behind his back. You don’t want this merger to work? Of course – Phyllis stood by Yack, no questions asked, but now she’s asking questions. Yack sighs – he’s in a bad mood because he and Ashley argued over her coming back to work. There’s nothing to worry about. As Yack goes into the office to get a file, Phyllis hears a phone go off (and is alarmed by the message she reads on it)

Ashley meets Billy at Underground; we could all end up in prison (oh, everyone but Yack) It’s genius, Billy is OK with it. But Victor is still Summer’s Father – and Vikki’s (she’d never forgive you) Yeah, well, she’s forgiven a lot. Framing her Father for a federal offence? Billy admits it’s a risk – but this is our one shot at getting Jabot back. You want it as much as Yack and me. Dad would want it too.

Vikki’s with her Dad at the club (and surprised to hear that Sage is moving in with Nick) She didn’t get anything useful from Billy – but he will let her know when Jack’s planning a move (as she will if HE makes a move) The Abbott’s would be the last to know, Victor chuckles.

Summer loves Yack, she hopes he’s not planning to mess things up. Kyle really wishes their last names weren’t Newman and Abbott. Tell me what’s going on, Summer badgers; Yack’s planning something isn’t he? Kyle loves Summer – and if she trusted him, she’d drop it.

‘Hercules’ has managed to carry all three of Sage’s suitcases downstairs. He’ll find room for it all at ‘our place’. Our place? Yes – she’s ready for this adventure ~kiss~

That’s it? One bag? Sharon laughs then welcomes Dylan ‘home’ ~kiss~

No, Dad wouldn’t like the way Yack’s going about this, but he wouldn’t like Victor running their legacy. Billy asks – you with us? OK – Ashley is in (but not happy about it)