Friday, June 12th

Victor can sense Vikki’s not on-board with the plan. She doesn’t like using Billy, but will do whatever’s necessary to protect Newman. Summer rushes in; Grandpa, there’s something you need to know.

You got a text, Phylis tells Yack. Confirmation; M was with him – both are dead. Earlier, she said it looked like he lost his best friend. Why didn’t you tell me the truth? Who’s ‘M’? Jack’s jaw drops.

Next: Mike snarls; I didn’t force them to kiss Lily (she slaps him) …. Joe has harsh words for Avery – I guess even Dylan figured it out. You cheated on me so you’d probably cheat him too … Yack’s almost spitting in Kyle’s face – After all my planning!!!??? You blew it over a GIRL!!!!????

My Thoughts: Ah ha ha ha. Kyle’s such an idiot. And a lousy liar. Summer didn’t even have to return your ‘I love you’ before getting info out of you…. ‘Red’ needs to return to form. Yack doesn’t know who he’s dealing with either. If she wasn’t suspicious, she wouldn’t have checked his text message. How stupid of Yack to leave it laying around (without even password protection) …. GCM must be the most efficient hospital in the States; with a drive thru operating room. Both Ashley and Sage were released the next day. They even managed to operate on Ashley’s brain without shaving her hair off … Of course Nick has room for Sage’s stuff. 3 bags is nothing. He probably only needs to re-assign half of Sharon and Phyllis closet space… Nick wants his family together? Which family? This is #3 …. Odd that Victor didn’t find a way to warn Yack that Phyllis is suspicious … Why would Nick the millionaire need to carry Sage’s bags down? The club doesn’t have a porter? … You ‘took a swing at the guy’ Dylan? You assaulted him; sucker punched him.