Monday, June 15th

At CL’s, Mike scolds Avery for worrying them all. He gets the whole ‘fight or flight’ – but why did she think leaving town like that was the only option? On cue, Joe hobbles in with his cane.

Seated at the club, Devon questions why Lauren wants to break her lease. Lily stops by and hand on her hip agrees – it’s not a ‘good fit’ at all. She wanted to have the pleasure of throwing Lauren’s ‘cheating ass out of here’.

Who’s dead and who’s ‘M’? Yack declares it a wrong number – terrible news for someone. When Kyle interrupts, Phyllis takes the hint – we’ll catch up later. That leaves Kyle to break fret to Yack about his chat with Summer.

Meanwhile, a the club, Summer tells Vikki and Victor that Kyle confided some worrying things – and that her families don’t trust each other. Victor’s acting in good faith and assumes Jack is too – did Summer hear differently? She doesn’t want Kyle stuck in the middle. It won’t come from our side, Victor promises. The Newman’s are left convinced the Abbott’s are up to something. What do we do next? Vikki wonders.

Declining Devon’s attempt to move Lily and Lauren into his office, the harsh words continue. Cane finally comes over – and after a tongue lashing by an outraged Lily, blurts out that Mike set it all up.

Vikki concludes that Summer and Kyle are too young to know they can’t be loyal to their families and each other. Victor thinks Summer was warning them – and again wants to use Vikki. She’ll talk to Billy – he might give away the plan without realizing it. You ARE your Father’s daughter, Victor rewards her. Back in the lab, Kyle’s stunned by Yack’s reaction to hearing that Summer’s on to them and may warn Victor. What!!?? After all my hard work, you blew it!? Over a GIRL!!??!! he bellows. Vikki just wants to know that everyone’s acting in good faith – including her Father, who claims he and Yack are now friends. Keep your friends close, our enemies closer. What the hell were you thinking!? This is bigger than your little romance!! If Summer warns Victor our advantage is gone! Thanks!! Yack back off a bit as Kyle all but cowers. Anything worth winning comes at a price, Victor saved my life, he thinks he can own me. I didn’t come this far to live under someone’s thumb. This is a fight for my life; my family! I can deal with this – turn it to my advantage even. Kyle’s sorry, he didn’t want to lose Summer (but may have anyway) At the park, Summer questions her Mom – are you worried about me or that I’ll talk to Victor? About what? Phyllis asks. Summer whines – she’s sick of the Newman’s vs Abbott’s; the plans, the agendas. She and Kyle have had a connection forever. She finally thought they had a chance, but now fears something may always be in the way. Phone in hand, Mike threatens to call the police and have Joe (who’s begging to be arrested) arrested. I used to be the DA – they take me seriously at the station. Relax, this stress can’t be good for your health, Joe taunts Mike – it’s a shame when love gets messy, after you confide all your secrets, and know each other in ways no one else will. Devon oversees as Cane explains to Lauren – Mike wants you to be happy – he’s been manipulating this from the beginning. Yes, it was his idea to work with Lauren, but Mike fully supported it. Cane didn’t tell Lauren because he thought Mike would eventually. Lily doesn’t give Lauren a pass for kissing her husband. It just means her husband is disgusting too. Devon chases Lily to the staircase – work things out with your husband. Huffing off, Lily wouldn’t expect a man who cheats with his Father’s wife to understand. On cue, here’s Hilary – still want to discuss romantic wedding plans? Summer’s special, and you’ve worked through so many issues, Yack reassures an apologetic Kyle. He knows better than anyone the crazy things a man will do for his woman. Kyle’s mistake will be used to the Abbott’s advantage. Yack’s eyes glaze over as he talks about a woman that Kyle detects isn’t Phyllis (who is a firecracker though).