Monday, June 15th

Summer just needed to know if the Abbot’s are working on a plan. Kyle said it’s for her own good that she doesn’t know. But we’re ‘in the middle’ anyway. So Kyle didn’t give you details? Phyllis pries. Without elaborating, Summer just knows things will get worse. Did she way all this to Victor? No. Phyllis then gives her a hug.

Hell yes, Devon’s ready to plan a wedding, the one Hilary deserves. Out of respect to his family, Hilary suggests they keep it low key. No, Devon wants to celebrate. Is this about our love, or do you have something to prove? she asks.

Back at CL’s, Mike knows that Avery’s not spooked easily, and that Joe was abused as a child. Did the cycle repeat? Tearing up, Avery admits Joe’s hurt her before, but thought he’d changed. Having seen abuse before, Mike counsels his friend and partner; you didn’t deserve or earn this. But you can’t just leave town. We need to think about how we’re going to handle Joe (who won’t obey a restraining order) Suddenly, Lily marches in and slaps him. Avery’s surprised by the slap (and that Mike’s NOT surprised) After she leaves, Mike gets an earful from Lily, who first caught him with a prostitute then pimped out his wife to Cane. Mike had been drinking. Since that’s no excuse, he snarls about months of treatment, does that cut me any slack!? Lily’s pissed! She almost died from cancer! Be a man, tell your wife you love her! Don’t be a coward, dragging my family into this! Mike’s sorry for the misunderstanding, but he didn’t force them to kiss. Giving him another slap, Lily marches back out.

Lauren vents her frustration to Cane – she was ready to forgive Mike for everything. He didn’t sleep with the prostitute, he wanted you to be happy with another man, Cane confides. He wanted us to kiss? He’s still pushing me away. It was one meaningless kiss. Joe overhears. Vikki suggests Victor go to Phyllis for answers (she owes you) No, it’s too late for that, Victor thinks.

In the office, Yack searches online for news of Marissa Sierra, and gets nothing. He than tries ‘Marco Annicelli, girlfriend, explosion’. Phyllis abruptly arrives – are you lying to me?! Devon doesn’t need to prove anything, he loves Hilary. No, she doesn’t think it wrong that they’re together, but it’s not right to shove it in Neil’s face. It’s not about Neil, Devon says he’s dealing with it. This is about him telling the world that he loves Hilary (who loves him too and can’t wait to tell the world) Taking a seat with Cane, Joe’s updated. Well, that explains why Lily was in such a mood the other day. But come on, she’s not wrong this time. Mike didn’t make you kiss Lauren, he goads Cane (who rushes off to ‘check on the twins’) On cue, Lily appears. You’re very sexy and stunning, Joe praises – and your husband did a very stupid thing. At home, Avery looks nervous. She picks up a blue tie strewn over a chair and flashes back to Joe’s parting words – you know each other in ways no one else every will. Looking traumatized, she throws the tie out. Yack closes the laptop – what is he being accused of lying about? Summer’s worried that Kyle’s being pulled into something. Is that what he was so worried about earlier? Yack claims they’ve just heard differing sides of an argument is all. He has no plan – we talked about making the women in our lives happy. Don’t placate me – Summer went to Victor! No, she didn’t tell him anything. Demanding respect, Phyllis is pissed that everyone knows something she doesn’t. OK, Yack says – what if we could get both company’s for both of us – everything we ever dreamed of? Shoving him away, she snarls who ARE you!? Lauren joins Mike on the patio; Cane enlightened her and Lily. Yes, Mike’s seen her. But he continues to maintain that the marriage is over. You can’t say that you were wrong? That you did a cruel thing out of fear? Lauren’s in tears. No, Mike can’t – and again pulls out divorce papers. Fine, Lauren’s about to sign them, but instead throws them and runs out. Hearing a noise, Avery (still with all the lights out) puts her wine glass down and makes a call. Dylan! I think someone’s in my apartment! At the park, Summer and Kyle apologized to one another. She didn’t tell Victor anything – and doesn’t care about business. My Dad’s different, Kyle confides that he snapped. I don’t know who he’s going to be when it’s all over.