Monday, June 15th

You said being trapped with Victor changed you, Phyllis knows Yack was lying – and the two dead people wasn’t from a wrong number was it?? No, he admits. Who’s ‘M’? Phyllis wants to know – and is stunned by the answer; ‘a woman that I loved’.

At the club, Victor reads his dossier on Marco Annicelli – the highlighted name Marisa Sierra catches his attention.

Next: Adam drops a bomb on Billy and Chelsea. Harrison is the man who raised me, my Father is Jack Abbott …. Those kids are dead for a reason. No one was to find out there’s two Jack Abbotts, Yack tells Victor …. Don’t you die on me Jack, don’t you dare, Marisa pleads (still soaking wet)

My Thoughts: What’s truly ‘disgusting’ is that Lily forgets she ‘cheated’ too – she got a lot closer to Tyler than Cane did to Lauren – who should have said ‘Yes, I AM really good at seduction’ …. Victor looked Summer in the eye and lied, again – but why would that surprise anyone after all he’s done? … Victor and Vikki are downright creepy together. The way he mauls her, the way she looks adoringly into his eyes, it makes me cringe … And why would they think Summer’s in love with Kyle? She just lost her husband… How many feet or meters is Avery’s restraining order? 10? Because that’s about how many strides it took her to get to the man she’s supposedly protected against. And why doesn’t she stay away from Joe? Or just call the cops? And with Dylan being the Chief’s son, he couldn’t get a restraining order that includes his business?? …. Why wouldn’t Avery call 911 instead of Dylan? And if someone’s IN the apartment, why not get OUT? … Why is Mike so concerned about Avery, but not his wife of 20 years and son? …. The insufferable Lily is being quite presumptuous in presuming that Devon (who she forgets OWNS the club and is her BOSS) is going to cancel Fenmore’s lease, because Cane kissed Lauren. And where’s Jill when you need her? She should be all up in everyone’s business… Never mind Yack suddenly blowing up at Kyle – he could use a bit of sensitivity. Obviously Kyle’s Mom. Diane, wasn’t the love of Jack’s life, but does he have to gush about other women to him? And one minute he’s referring to Summer as a ‘girl’, the next he tells Kyle that she’s ‘special’. You may notice that the site has undergone a few changes. Thanks to Lyndsay for all the hard work. All remaining sections of the site have been recently updated.