Tuesday, June 16th

In the lab, Yack answers Phyllis’ questions. Yes- the wrong number was a lie. ‘M’ is a woman he loved. Yes, long before Phyllis. Yes, it was serious – I wanted to marry her.

Jack and Marisa are in a deserted cabin, closed for hurricane season. At least they aren’t at the bottom of the sea. Removing sheets from furniture, Marisa finds a phone – with no signal. Marco! Jack! she panics – you better be sleeping. Don’t you dare die on me! she flops onto his chest.

In his office, Victor’s reading a newspaper article from his file on Marco (who’s mistress was left ‘holding the bag’) I know that look, Vikki arrives to assume he’s got the goods on Jack. It’s proof that Jack’s betraying me, Victor announces, but won’t let her see the file.

At the club, Ashley tells a fussing Abby that she has a meeting to get to. What’s so important that it can’t wait?? Abby’s suspicious.

At the penthouse, Adam’s impressed that Billy got Ashley on-board. Chelsea can see why she’d have doubts (Victor is Abby’s Father after all) She’s not sure this scheme won’t blow up in their faces – who’ll raise our kids if we’re in prison? Billy scoffs when Adam offers to protect her. Why is ‘Gabe’ so committed anyway? What’s in it for you?????

Adam and Billy go at it (mostly over Chelsea; who wants to drop it) Billy persists – why is ‘Gabe’ so willing to help Jack? He wants to bring Victor down. Why? Because he sent his Father to an early grave. He’ll pay! Billy wants the full story.

Go home and rest, Abby will take this business meeting. Who says it’s a business meeting? Abby now suspects everyone’s hiding something from her. It’s your imagination, Ashley lies (and leaves Abby to huff in frustration)

Did Mom have another set back? No, in fact Nikki’s coming home soon. Victor then tells Vikki to stop digging with Billy – I’ll take it from here. Fine Dad! Getting no answers, a pissed off Vikki slams out. Victor then makes a call – send me the info on a certain tragedy at sea.

Jack awakens abruptly in bed – Phyllis!? No, it’s Marisa – who took his clothes to be laundered. She found more clothes and a first aid kit. Jack wonders why Marisa’s helping him – I’m not Marco. Tell me about him. In a weird way, Jack feels he owes him his life to.

You and Marisa would have liked each other, Yack talks about the model from his bachelor days; Manuela. I loved her very deeply. Liar, Phyllis challenges him.

Liar – you said ‘loved’, past tense. It’s obvious part of you still loves this woman. Phyllis is glad Yack told her; she actually feels closer to him. Manuela grew up poor, Yack goes on about the beautiful woman, inside and out; stubborn, but in a good way. What does it matter now? If it matters to Yack, it matters to Phyllis – why didn’t you marry her? One day she packed her bags and took off, Yack’s near tears. Phyllis asks who sent him the text – and who died with Manuela.