Wednesday, June 17th

How could you do this? Phyllis demands, her hands on her hips. Yack makes excuses – then is surprised when blasted for not telling her he had another son. What did you think I was talking about?! Victor makes faces, then defends Yack and the merger. Neil’s call interrupts – Nikki’s at the club. After Victor leaves, Yack suggests continuing the discussion over dinner. No, here and now, Phyllis insists.

Sharon knows Dylan didn’t go to Avery’s to cheat on her. Yeah sure, next thing you know, she’s knocked up with his kid, Mariah frets. Sharon can’t really complain – she trusts Dylan (and wants to work on being the best person she can be) With a hug, Mariah exits, leaving Sharon to leave Dylan a ‘call me’ message.

Paul comes back to report that there were no prints found on the fire escape etc. A woman walking her dog didn’t see anyone. Dylan knows it’s Joe – question him. Paul’s increased patrols – if this happens again, call the police first. Now alone, Avery apologizes to Dylan – he was the first person that came to mind. Yes, she’ll call the police if it happens again. As the lights come on, Avery sends him home to Sharon.

Lily doesn’t think Joe a sleaze – though she used to. Cane didn’t even react when she tattled that Joe was flirting with her. She’s always been Miss Goody Two Shoes. No more, she’ll fight for what’s hers. Neil comes in to scold her for drinking. Cane? He’s upstairs – to be closer to his mistress. She pouts when Joe excuses himself – then updates her Dad that Cane kissed Lauren.

As Nikki comes downstairs, Victor comes through the revolving door. You need to come home, he says.

Phyllis won’t turn out like Nikki, drinking to forget what her husband’s up to. She would have kept Yack’s secret. Things have been crazy with the family lately, he claims. No – the family is the same – YOU are different, Phyllis wants to know WHY.

Yack has a whole new perspective on things – his family is a convoluted mess. No, that doesn’t include Phyllis (who lists all she doesn’t know him – like Manuela) There’s a wall between us. You do still love me, don’t you???

Nikki’s not going anywhere with Victor – she wants to stay away from him. It’s not psycho-babble. And she doesn’t feel ‘strong and independent’. One criticism and she feels like that self-loathing little girl she once was. Subservient? Victor finds that ludicrous. Whoa – don’t you walk away. Nikki CAN walk away. Are you TRYING to make me drink!? Go for it! Victor snaps, then barks at Neil when he tries to referee. Don’t blame him – THIS is why I’m not coming home! Nikki marches upstairs.

Sharon comes knocking at Avery’s door. She just wanted to make sure the police came by and that she’s OK. It was Joe, Avery claims – the police and Dylan are gone. Where’d he go? Sharon wonders. Avery assumed he went home.

At the club, Dylan grills Lily on how long she was with Joe; who appears to ask ‘what way is that to treat a lady’? Scoffing, Dylan tattles that Avery filed a restraining order against Joe. Yes, and I have one against you, which you’re violating, he points out. Ignoring him, Dylan asks what he was doing on Avery’s balcony tonight. Joe has better things to do – good night, he tells Lily. Mariah stops Dylan – don’t be an idiot (and don’t hurt my Mom)

Nikki answers her door and is relieved when Paul shows up (as summoned) She’s working the program. One of the steps is to make amends to the people she’s hurt. She needs to apologize to him.

Still at the base of the stairs, Victor almost apologizes to Neil. It’s been a stressful day – you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Give Nikki some time, Neil says – then wonders why everyone at work is so stressed out. As CFO, he should know what everyone’s hiding from him. Do me a solid – what’s going on here. There’s a problem, Victor says – it has to do with Jack Abbott.

You NEVER have to worry about that, Yack looks down at Phyllis. Oh how he loves her. He craves her. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. He’ll tell her about everything (then starts listing stuff off) Phyllis silences him with a kiss – are you excited to have me in your arms? Or is that a gun in your pocket?

Dylan and Mariah take a seat at the club. He appreciates that she wants to protect her Mom, but this is between Joe and Avery. Exactly – so why are YOU involved?Dylan has no intention of messing with Sharon’s head. So what ARE your intentions???

Now inside, Avery expresses her fear of Joe to Sharon, who asks if she’ll call Dylan if this happens again. Don’t worry – I’m not coming between you and Dylan. I’m not a threat to your relationship, Avery insists. Sharon’s glad no harm was done with Joe. As she opens the door to leave, both gasp. Guess who?

Behind Sharon Avery snarls at Joe – what do you want? Sharon’s staying and has 911 cued on her phone, so don’t try anything. Joe then denies spying on Avery. How did he find out? Dylan. No, he didn’t hit him or call the cops. He’s concerned – still cares about Avery. Is that a new trench coat? she asks. Yes, we’re done. You heard her, Sharon gives him 3 seconds to leave. The door closed, Avery thanks Sharon (who says she too is on her side)