Thursday, June 18th

As Phyllis and Yack arrive at the club, Victor’s joined by Nick, Summer, Noah and Abby. Deciding not to leave, they discuss whether Victor really plans to kill Yack (while Victor’s wished a Happy Father’s Day) Aside, Abby tells her Dad that she loves both families. Victor wants her kept out of it – his feud is with that man (he looks over at Yack)

Jack awakens to find Marisa hasn’t abandoned him after all. She didn’t find help, but she did find a bottle of pills, and a cell phone.

Paul’s surprised to find Chris in his office, and reluctantly tells her that he had breakfast with Dylan. He knows today will be a hard day for her. Yes, she’s thought of the baby they lost today – all the Father’s Days he won’t get to spend with their daughter. We’ll get through it together ~hug~ On cue, Nikki shows up. Yes, Paul mentioned her need to apologize. She’d like to apologize to Chris too – if she’ll give Nikki the chance.

Adam drops by the penthouse – he hates seeing Chelsea so upset on account of him. That’s not why she’s crying. She shows Adam a Best Daddy card Conor made at pre-school, for Billy. Once again, she’s reminded that he doesn’t have a Dad, and it’s all my fault.

Billy and Vikki are with the two kids at CL’s. There’s mention of Delia, and how un-funny Vikki is. Both want to keep their great day going. And they can, IF Billy will share what Yack’s planning.

Nikki knows her words won’t ease Chris’ pain, but hopes she’ll be heard. Chris assures Paul it’s OK. Exiting his office, he’s met by Kyle. No, this can’t wait.

Jack gobbles down some pills, but is more interested in the phone. The battery’s about to die – we must think about this call carefully. We need to call my family! Jack’s firm.

Seated, Phyllis worries that Yack, or an innocent bystander may be killed as a result of his feud with Victor. Nope, Yack has a plan. Yes, which he won’t share with Phyllis – trust me. And where’s Kyle? The money transfer went OK. Hopefully, him finding out Gabe’s his brother doesn’t spoil the celebration. Looking at Victor’s table, Phyllis has an idea.

Across the room, Nick informs that he’ll see Faith later. Sage is resting, not upstairs – at the tackhouse. All just want him to be happy. Faith will be fine one the baby arrives. Abby drops the bomb – Gabe is Jack’s son. Nick doesn’t look convinced as he claims Sage doesn’t know – she would have told him.

It’s not your fault that Adam and Billy aren’t here, Adam says – you’re a good Mom. She wishes she’d kept Adam’s memory alive, not let Connor call Billy Dad. She dreads when he’ll start asking questions about his Dad. Will I tell her he killed a little girl and lied about it? Tell him that he’d have been an amazing Dad; he made a mistake. If he could go back in time, he’d make everything right. What’s going on with you? Chelsea questions Adam’s emotion over someone he never met.

Billy can’t tell Vikki (who immediately decides it’s time to leave) Yes, she’s meeting Victor, it’s Father’s Day. ‘Wait’, Billy stands as she packs up to leave.