Wednesday, June 17th

The storm outside doesn’t wake Sharon up (as she sleeps naked beneath a blanket on the sofa) but Dylan’s phone does. A relieved Avery gasps that she’s called a couple of times – there’s someone in her apartment! No, she hasn’t called the police. As the lights go out, Avery bleats – oh my God! The line disconnects – and of course Sharon wakes up – what’s going on???

Commenting on the weather, Nikki’s sponsor has brought her home – to the club. But perhaps she should be somewhere more familiar (with no bar) Neil’s assured that Nikki will be fine – this is where she needs to be.

Staring down the barrel of his own gun, Victor does not flinch; you haven’t got the guts. Jack Abbott might not, but Marco will (and be long gone) Hearing the gun’s not loaded, Yack pulls the trigger. Both he and Victor laugh.

As lightening continues to flash outside, Dylan asks Sharon to call 911 – he’s going to Avery’s. Let the police handle it, Sharon suggests. Avery doesn’t rattle easily, something’s wrong, Dylan hurries out, promising he’ll be OK.

Feeling all fuzzy from the Fuzzy Navels, Lily tells the bartender that she’s going outside for some fresh air. And here’s Joe – her favourite drinking buddy. Another drink? Yes, but Lily’s ready for something stronger. Two Moscow Mules, Joe orders. Perfect, Lily finishes her drink – we can toast to the jack asses in our lives.

Victor tells Yack to keep his hands clean. Yack doesn’t take well to threats – you got that!? One wrong move – try me, and Victor will tell everyone the truth. Yack will not go empty handed. Phyllis interrupts the boys club, can anyone join? Victor doesn’t appreciate her barging in. Brushing him off, Phyllis claims the secret is out – she knows everything!

As Sharon comes down in her robe, Mariah bursts in to ask about the man watching her (she was at the station with Kev when the call came in) Oh – Sharon explains that she called 911 for Avery. Dylan’s there now. No, she’s not bothered that he’s still ‘tied to’ Avery. She won’t be paranoid. OK – Mariah will.

Dylan rushes into Avery’s place with a flashlight. After giving him a hug, Avery relays catching a man watching her from the balcony; he had a trench coat and a hat. Hinting that it might be Joe, Dylan then lets Paul and the cops in. Avery believes it was Joe. Again alone with Dylan, Avery admits that Joe scares her. He won’t hurt you again, Dylan vows.

Over Moscow Mules, Lily whines about what Mike did to her and Cane – and what it’s doing to the kids. Maybe she’s making too much of it. You’re the victim, Joe then does some whining of his own – we’re not the bad guys.