Wednesday, June 17th

Dylan’s intentions are between him on Sharon. But her sleepovers with Faith depend on you (as does everything else; her job, her stability) Mariah warns Dylan not to lead Sharon on – steer clear of Joe and Avery. I’ll be watching you.

Nikki admits she didn’t cover for Neil, she lied. And that hurt Paul and Chris. She offers her sincere apology and wants to extend that to Chris; in hopes it will help them heal. Paul hopes so too.

Downstairs, Victor tells Neil that Jack’s trying a takeover – of more than the company. He may try to kill me.

Phyllis carries on – Since when do you carry a gun!? It’s Victor’s – he thinks I’m trying to pull a fast one on him. Are you!!?? Don’t mess with me? Yes, Yack has a plan – but he’s on to me. I think Victor may try to kill me.

Next: Kyle hisses at Jack – Next time you can get Bingham to do your dirty work for you. Gabe is not my son, Yack insists …. Victor tells Noah, Abby and Summer – you’re dealing with a dangerous maniac, he’s killed three people. So you all stay out of it …. Jack barks at Marisa – calling Jabot is our only option! Give me the phone!

My Thoughts: Shacking up? Knocked up? Nice choice of words Mariah. And why would a civilian be able to hear details of police calls? And why is Kevin back at the station? Paul was livid with him (and had every right to fire him) … When did Mariah start calling Sharon her Mom? And how ridiculous that Dylan wouldn’t laugh at her dire threats and warnings. Stay away from Joe and Avery or what exactly? She’ll tell Mommy? So what? Sharon won’t dump him without a replacement man lined up. If anything Dylan should be running the other way. Who wants to be entirely responsible for another person’s very existence? Sharon needs to learn to stand on her own two feet. It’s pretty bad when your biggest supporter and daughter acknowledges how fragile you are. Sharon snapping at Joe was equally ridiculous. Count to 3? Sounds more like a warning to Faith to pick up her toys or be sent up to bed. And if it’s storming outside, why doesn’t Sharon have a raincoat and/or umbrella? Is going out in just a white cotton shirt a good idea? At least Joe was prepared with his trench coat on … Again, why exactly isn’t anyone calling he police? Why DIDN’T Joe call the police to notify that Dylan was violating his restraining order? Or Avery when Joe violated his? What’s the point of filing them if no one’s going to obey them? Or be punished for not obeying them? … So the lab was once so top secret that security was added and Vikki was discouraged from meeting Ben there. Yet – suspecting that Marco plans to overthrow him, Victor leaves him, and his girlfriend with full access to his office? It just keeps getting sillier and sillier. But I did laugh when Yack imitated Victor’s ‘you got that’? And I did love Nikki’s firm stance with Victor. If only it would last. Is Neil really in a position to be anyone’s sponsor? He’s barely been sober for 5 minutes and is plotting revenge against his son and former wife. Nikki must have done the drive-thru rehab program. Barely there for 2 weeks, she must have left before the seminar on ‘triggers’ – like being in a BAR, with former drinking pals… Yes, nothing tells Chris ‘I’m sorry’ like inviting her husband up to your suite for a private chat… Won’t Devon be happy to learn that his club manager was getting sloshed at the bar. In front of her employees and guests. And she’s not even paying for the drinks. How pathetic that the closest thing she has to a drinking buddy is Joe.