Thursday, June 18th

Billy just wants to spend more time with Johnny. No, he doesn’t have anything to say about Gabe. But Vikki knows things change when a surprise relative appears (like when Adam arrived in GC) Talk about how you’re feeling. Billy admits he was shocked. Of all the jackasses in the world. Why didn’t Jack tell him Gabe was his nephew? It’s not like him. Vikki warns Billy not to let the secretive Yack drag him down this destructive path he’s on.

Jack asks Marisa to call Jabot – they’ll hang up if he does it (thinking it’s a hoax) Tell Ashley or Billy that you found their brother. I’ll handle the rest. It’s our only option. Give me the phone!!!

Nick mentions Nikki staying at the club – he asked her to join them today and will go see if he can convince her to come down. As Yack eavesdrops, the kids discuss the search for the killer Kevin’s still searching for. Victor warns them they’re dealing with a maniac who’s killed three people – let the police handle it. If something happened to them, he wouldn’t know what he’d do.

Nikki gives a heartfelt apology – she can’t bring the baby back, or the possibility of Chris having another child. She takes full responsibility – she tried to force Neil to a meeting. She lied – that’s what alcoholics do. I’m so so sorry. Nikki truly regrets all she’s done to hurt Chris. I hope one day you can forgive me. Chris has been consumed by anger and grief. She’s tired of it. Can’t live with hate and rage. I will accept your apology and forgive you. Chris must if she wants a happy future.

Chelsea asks if ‘Gabe’ is jealous of Adam. Well, he did have everything; you, a son, a dream life. But he ruined it all with a lie, Chelsea adds. He didn’t want to lose his family, ‘Gabe’ says. He imagines that Adam wished he’d told her the truth. Chelsea reminds ‘Gabe’ that he lied to her about his identity. Would you do it again to get what you wanted?? Adam looks torn.

As Nick comes downstairs, Nikki enters through the revolving door. You look great. He invites her to join them to celebrate Father’s Day. Dad seems down – he misses you. Pretty please. Won over by Nick’s dimples, Nikki exchanges hugs with everyone, then meets Victor’s eyes (he does NOT look impressed)

Paul joins Chris in his office – and agrees it’s time to move on (though she and Nikki will never be friends) Paul understands. Then it’s on to what Kyle wanted – is it about the murder case? No, something entirely different, Paul answers.

Summer’s with Yack and Phyllis – but not to discuss what Victor was saying about them leaving the investigation to the cops. She asks about Gabe – does Kyle know? He’s going to be upset. Phyllis asks her to help with that – if anyone know about being misled by family, it’s you. OK, Summer will tell him, but then Yack must step in, like he did with her; tell him your feelings for him haven’t changed. Wish me luck, Summer runs to the revolving door to meet Kyle (who’s in a hurry to talk to his Dad)

What would you do if you were meeting me for the first time? Chelsea prods Adam. He wishes he hadn’t lied about his identity; told her the truth from the beginning. Connor’s cry interrupts. As Chelsea runs upstairs, Adam mopes over Connor’s card. It’s still in his hand as he answers the door. Billy.

Waiting for Chelsea, Adam wonders if Billy wants to welcome him to the family. No, he’s there to see Connor. He knows the card was made for him because he’s the only Father Connor’s ever known. You’re no longer in his life. No – Billy’s no longer in Chelsea’s life, he’ll always think of Connor as a son. But he’s Adam’s son. He didn’t make that card for Adam – or for YOU. What’s going on? Chelsea brings Connor down. Adam pouts as Billy gushes over him and the card.

Taking a seat beside her Dad, Vikki encourages Nikki to move back to the ranch. Victor will respect Nikki’s wishes. She wants to continue what she learned in rehab. All take turns offering words of support. Vikki’s OK with it – since it’s temporary *awkward*

My Dad is Gabriel’s Father!? How am I just finding out now?! Kyle’s pissed. I can’t believe my Dad, after everything I’ve done for him. Summer rejoins her family as Yack appears to thank Kyle for handling the transfer. Kyle put the funds in Victor’s account, then told Paul he was embezzling. Great job son. Next time get Gabe to do your dirty work! Kyle hisses. Yack kisses ass – he has a connection with Kyle that he doesn’t share with anyone else – you’re the only person I can trust. And I need you to trust ME. As Kyle marches off, Yack takes a call. Marco!? Is that you!? Marisa’s stunned. In the background, so is Jack.

Marco, are you there!? I have to take this, Yack tells Kyle (who growls ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and marches off) Yack’s happy to hear that Marisa’s alive. Is Jack with you? No, he’s dead. She was calling to tell his family, but that wouldn’t be in your best interest. Agreeing, Yack’s sorry he left her behind. I love you. Come to GC – I can keep you safe. I’ll wire money – where are you? Yack takes notes – he’ll send money by the end of the day. Hello? Hello? What was that about? Phyllis gets a deer in the headlights look.

As Paul ends a call, Chris asks for an update – is what Kyle said true????

Happy to have them all there, Victor has a gift for them. Let’s take a vacation as a family – including Johnny, Faith and Katherine; Sage too. He’s rented a villa – the jet’s ready. Let’s go tonight. Nikki thinks that a lovely offer, but guesses there’s more to it. So – what’s this really about? All look at Victor in expectation.

Back at the penthouse, Billy plays with Connor, as Chelsea smiles, Adam not so much. Maybe you should go, she tells him (and he leaves) Connor deserves a Father who puts him first, he whispers before he exits.

Jack realizes that it was Marco who answered the phone when he called Kyle. He must get back to GC. Marisa wants to wait for the money – be patient. Patient!? Your criminal boyfriend is pretending to be me!! I must get back to protect the people I love!

Phyllis wonders what ‘business deal’ is more important than Yack’s son, who just got upsetting news. He asks her to talk to Kyle – he’ll join them in a minute. Phyllis is left with her jaw on the floor.