Thursday, June 18th

Victor’s motivation is his love for his family. This is a private celebration, he tells Yack (who wishes them all Happy Father’s Day – I hope it brings you everything you deserve) Paul saunters in with a cop to arrest Victor for felony embezzlement. The Newman’s are horrified. Victor glares at a smug Yack. Phyllis is still stunned.

Next: Vikki in the background at the station, Summer tells Paul that Victor was set up. Kyle went out of town and as soon as he comes back my Grandpa was arrested! … Phyllis is still at the club, to question Ashley – so Jack arranged all of this. Even though he denied it!? … Jack grabs Marisa’s hand. We’ve gotta get out of here now! As they run for the door, a big guy walks in to point a gun at them.

My Thoughts; Shouldn’t Jack be checking out what pills he’s taking before gobbling them back? He was addicted to pain medication. And why bother? He doesn’t appear to be in that much pain, not enough to risk addiction again without a second thought. Of course Marisa also finds a phone, almost dead though of course. Someone was on staff to at Jabot? On Father’s Day? To forward Marisa’s call to Yack’s cell? Good thing Marco and Jack have the same voice. What are the odds? I wonder how many prisons Victor scoured before he came upon that coincidence …. Since Adam just jumped to the wrong conclusion about why SHE was upset, why would Chelsea jump to conclusions about why HE’s upset? Instead of assuming that maybe he misses his own Dad on Father’s Day? … Is Faith not included in Victor’s last minute vacation? … Imagine that – Father’s Day, and the only people at the club are a handful of Newman’s and Abbott’s …. Instead of the daughter that never was, why isn’t Paul thinking of the daughter he has (who’s still holding down the fort with Lucy while Daniel’s in India. The art show scam Victor set up must have been successful) …. Really? Kyle tattles and within the hour Victor’s arrested for embezzlement? No ongoing investigation? Is Victor such a danger to the public? (actually, he is – but embezzlement alone hardly necessitates an immediate arrest) Isn’t Paul going to feel silly.