Friday, June 19th

Victor and the police already gone, Summer lashes out at Kyle, then Yack (who denies responsibility for his arrest. You want everything! No – that’s your grandfather sweetheart. At least he owns up to it, Summer snarls – he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not.

How does Marco snow an entire town!? Jack’s incredulous. Well, Marisa believed Jack was Marco – she even kissed him. They WILL believe he’s you. Even the people closest to me!? My son? My wife? Phyllis! That son of a bitch! Nooooooo!!

In the lab, Billy updates Ashley; Victor’s been arrested. She’s pissed that he let their nephew wire the money (after asking Billy to stop it) This is about YOUR revenge. No, it’s eat or be eaten. We scored a point; Victor’s out of the picture. You really think he’s gonna sit back and take this!? Ashley clearly knows better.

In his office, Paul serves Victor coffee – as he talks about how easy to solve this case was. It’s just not like you to leave a trail. Did you get sloppy? Tell me what you know.

Relax and play it out? Is Billy kidding?! Ashley points out that an arrest doesn’t mean Victor goes to jail – he’ll be bailed out – there’ll be an investigation, a trial – forensics will trace the money. Yes, he’d do this – but that’s why he’s VN and we’re Abbott’s. Our Father would be ashamed. Billy hears her, but this is the move we had to make. It worked – be grateful. Ashley’s pissed at Yack’s secrecy, and what’s this about Gabe!? Billy can’t stand the guy, but he’ll never side with Victor. And Billy better have ‘covered their tracks’. Otherwise, when Victor gets out he’ll take them all down.

Vikki marches into the station; Paul better be listening to what her Father says. Well, Victor’s only asked for his lawyer. He’s innocent, Vikki insists. Paul had enough evidence to make an arrest, but yes, she can see Victor. In the office, she sputters about him not defending himself. Victor makes it clear – you say nothing to Paul – you got that?

Back at the club, Yack tells Summer that this kind of thing is what Victor does. He was sincere with the merger, Victor wasn’t. I thought we had a truce after he saved my life. Maybe he didn’t let me die in the collapse because he wanted the challenge. Victor did this to himself. Summer must know what Victor’s capable of (whether she wants to face it or not) Yack stops Kyle from following Summer out (and sends Phyllis instead)

Jack rants and raves. Marco is masquerading as ME – surrounding himself with people I love. Yes, Jack loves Phyllis. She knows everything about me. Marisa assures Jack that Marco knows how to look at a woman with love; he’ll make her believe. Now it’s her turn to express anger – you’re right, he’s a son of a bitch!

Victor only wants an exasperated Vikki to bail him out. There will be no ‘retaliation’. But the Abbott’s are setting you up! Victor doesn’t give a damn – he only cares about the lives of the people he loves. What are you talking about!? Vikki’s baffled.

Still at the club, Kyle calls Yack out on how effectively he lied to Summer and Phyllis. Yack lied for THEIR sake. Arriving with Billy, Ashley wants Yack to explain why he had to do this to Victor. Billy gets it – guy saves your life, you think he’s not so bad after all (then whines about Gabe saving him, then sleeping with his fiance) Never mind Gabe being Yack’s son – let’s pull together and stick to the plan. Getting nervous when Ashley mentions forensic accountants, Kyle’s reassured by Yack and Billy (who reminds that Victor had Vikki arrested on their wedding day) Ashley’s the sole voice of protest – she won’t blindly follow Yack. There’s more to this than you’re saying.