Friday, June 19th

Marco’s sleeping in my bed, Jack needs to get home. Once they catch on, he’s dangerous. Marco knows me – I know Marco. I’d know him anywhere, Marisa goes to town to get the money Marco’s wiring. Jack’s left to worry.

How could you not know!? Summer grills her Mom at the park. Phyllis is sure Victor will get out of this. That makes it OK?! Phyllis suggests that the trauma of the collapse changed Victor (as the coma made HER a different person) He’s capable of anything. Yack loves us, he wouldn’t lie to us. She won’t let Summer dis Jack (who went in to the merger in good faith) He’s destroying someone I love! Summer knows her Mom doesn’t want to admit Yack’s been lying to her for months!

Victor won’t go into ‘irrelevant details’ – just have a security guard assigned to every member of the family. Once bail’s arranged, he’ll take care of the rest. Yack wouldn’t physically hurt our family, Vikki’s told that this has nothing to do with Jack Abbott. Then who? is the obvious question.

We’re on the same team, Yack is focused on the future; eliminating threats so that they can live their lives. As Ashley marches out to take a call, Billy offers to try get through to her. Kyle wants to get back to Summer. First Yack needs to talk – are there any loose ends that need to be tied up?

Back at the park, Phyllis claims that Yack hasn’t lied to her. Victor loves games, moving money around. Summer’s horrified. You actually think the man who got you out of a coma and saved Jack did this!? Victor was framed. She’s sure Yack made Kyle do this – they framed Victor. Sent home, Summer comments that Kyle said their love was stronger than this feud. She hopes that’s true for Phyllis and Yack. Phyllis then flashes back to catching Yack drinking (and other suspicious conversations; including him sleep talking in Spanish and grabbing her wrist – the ‘Gabe’ revelation – the one thing that’s different is YOU) Floored, Phyllis slumps to the bench for moment then takes off.

Marisa returns empty handed – the money wasn’t there. Jack grabs her hand – we’ve gotta get out of there. If Marco know you, he knows you lied about me not being dead. As he drags her towards the door and huge bald guys comes in with a gun.

Not good enough – Vikki wants more answers (is Victor safe in here?) Paul interrupts with Victor’s lawyer. Leaving them, Paul’s then accosted when Summer races in. She needs to talk about the charges. Despite Vikki’s lame attempt to shut her up, Summer blathers on about Kyle going out of town – the Abbott’s set her Grandpa up.

Who the hell are you!? Jack puts his thug face on. Do you know who you’re dealing with!? He denies he’s Jack Abbott, and Marisa plays along, then distracts the thug by flirting. Jack grabs a nearby object and bashes the thug over the head. As he goes down, Marisa grabs his gun and aims it at him.

Kyle left no loose ends. He did as Yack asked – and the money obviously lead back to Victor. Once the money’s released, he insists they put it back where it belongs. Yack gets a text from an unknown number – Victor made bail. More trouble comes in the form of Billy and a still pissed off Ashley. Yack can’t discuss it now – he has something to tend to. That leaves Billy to try smooth things over – don’t you guys want to see Victor pay for once? Kyle has to agree with Ashley – his Dad IS acting different. Now Phyllis appears – anxious to speak to Yack. And then a cop – Kyle’s wanted at the station for questioning. Uh oh.

Vikki tells Summer to let Dad handle it – Victor wants us to stay out of it. Have you heard anything from the Abbott’s? Both flock to Victor when he comes out to reassure that he’s free to go. Summer’s puzzled when told to stay here and wait for her bodyguard. He’ll handle the Abbott’s.

Billy’s sure the police are just going over details – he’ll go down and see Kyle. Ashley stays to admit to Phyllis that Yack had a plan (which she just found out about) He lied to my face! Phyllis is pissed. Ashley is too – she doesn’t recognize the man her brothers’ become. Neither does Victor.

Jack orders the thug to call Marco – tell him you did as instructed – then run like hell and hope neither he nor I catch you. Go to hell! the thug shouts. You won’t shoot me. No, Jack’s just a rich guy ‘candy ass’. I won’t shoot you – but SHE will (Marisa smiles)

Victor joins Yack in the lab’s office. His trip to the station? Uneventful – I didn’t mention you. He only came to say – come anywhere near my family and I’ll kill you.

Summer? You’re the reason they brought me in? Kyle bleats as he’s lead into the station. My Grandpa didn’t do this. I won’t let you and your family destroy him. Vikki comes to get her, and isn’t happy to see Billy. They spar about Victor being arrested, him having Vikki arrested on their wedding day – and who’s got a guilty conscience. If you want to go off on someone give HIM a call. Happy Father’s Day Billy! Vikki leaves him to frown.

Phyllis and Ashley compare notes – going back to the night Yack had sex with Kelly at Underground. Phyllis relays what she saw – she thought he fell off the wagon. It pains her to add that Yack admitted it later, in the hospital. Phyllis is near tears – we got married as a perfectly happy couple. But he was lying the whole time.