Friday, June 19th

Yack isn’t intimidated by Victor’s threats – life is good for him now. Victor’s sure the charges will be thrown out, it’s his family that means everything to him. Well, they mean nothing to Yack – so Victor only needs to worry about those who know the truth; which is HIMSELF. Listen amigo – I got you out of that Peruvian hellhole – watch your step – this is the last warning. As Victor exits, Yack gets a call – it’s done, just like you wanted. Jack’s dead and he knows where to take the girl. Nice job, Yack hangs up to grin.

Nice job, Jack repeats as he aims the gun – and now you’re getting us off this island.

Next: Lauren tells Mike – I want you to know … That you were having an affair with Cane? he interrupts. What did you say? Lauren huffs in disbelief …. I’m starting my own family now, Sharon bobs her head at Nick. Are. You … pregnant? Nick’s stunned …. Panting, Lily grabs Joe and plants a kiss on him (in his suite)

My Thoughts: Petty complaint, but it sounds silly when Vikki twice, no THREE times refers to Victor as ‘Dad’ when talking to Summer at the station. He’s not Summer’s Dad, so she should refer to Victor as ‘my Dad’ or ‘your Grandfather’…. Odd – still no diners at the GCAC on Father’s Day. And no reporters showed up for Victor’s release? I’m surprised Yack didn’t summon the press for his arrest at the club … Line of the Day goes to Paul – “It didn’t take long to trace the funds”. No kidding! Less than an hour. I guess Marco’s not great at covering his tracks after all. I don’t see how part of his plan was having Kyle, Ashley and Billy arrested for setting Victor up (while he, the only one who knows his true identity, goes free) Perhaps he plans to disappear …. Why is Jack now holding the gun on the thug? He already admitted his wouldn’t shoot him – that Marisa would … How did Summer get so smart? She’s basically put Yack’s plan together all by herself. Paul should hire her to replace Courtney …. Hell hath no fury like a redhead woman scorned – but Phyllis doesn’t seem to be the red menace she once was. All bark, no bite… Ashley’s right – John would be disgusted in his kids… Back to the Newmans. Who’s Vikki to march in to snap at Paul – My Father’s done nothing! Really? Nothing? He brought a violent criminal into their midst and set him loose to rape Kelly and Phyllis (they gave consent to Jack, not Marco Aniselli) and kill two innocent people (I wouldn’t count the 3rd victim, Kelly, as innocent) Weird that Ashley used the exact same words when telling Yack that the Father of her child has ‘done nothing’.