Monday, June 22nd

At the club, Cane interrupts Lily and Joe at the bar – with flowers. Kissing Lauren meant nothing – but he’s sorry and hopes Lily can get past it. You are my world. And here’s a bouquet of lilies, for his beautiful Lily. She softens and agrees; Cane can continue his ass kissing later. But after he goes to handle a delivery, Lily gets back on her laptop. You liar, she hisses.

Phyllis at her place for wine, Avery doesn’t want to discuss Joe. Now, what’s Jack done? He’s keeping secrets; a secret ex and son; Gabe. And the merger was a trick. Oh, and Yack’s carrying a gun. The guy Phyllis married isn’t acting like her Jack.

Everyone at the lab is alarmed with Victor brings a bodyguard to the lab for Abby (who’s ushered out by Ben to that Ashley can demand answers on why Victor’s hiring security to protect his entire family) Not Austin’s killer? Is he afraid the Abbott’s are planning something? Well are you? Victor retorts.

Victor has the situation under control as he contemplates his future. His health is ‘excellent’ but things happen. Yes, Yack told Ashley what to do in the event of his death and about the safety deposit box. This is a personal matter – since when did Victor become concerned with Yack’s estate. A better question (Victor claims) is why Yack made Ashley his executrix, not his wife?

Phyllis continues to list what’s off about Yack – he didn’t recognize the pool boy they’ve had for 20 years. Avery reminds that Phyllis wasn’t quite herself after the coma. Reminded that Victor brought her out of it, Phyllis suddenly decides it time to leave ~hug~

On the CL’s patio, Mike leaves a message for Fen (who must have been to busy to call him on Father’s Day) Perhaps you’re avoiding me because of what’s going on with your Mom? I love you – bye ~click~ Lily marches in and plunks down her laptop. Lauren and Cane lied to us – look at the time stamp – they’re having an affair. She’s not sure what he’ll do with the info, but she knows exactly what she’s doing (and off she marches, leaving Mike shocked) On cue, Lauren comes in (knowing Hurricane Lily just blew out) I want you to know ….. That you’re having an affair with Cane? Why else would you go to his suite at midnight? What!? Without denying it, Lauren wonders why Mike cares. He’s divorcing her after all.

This is nice – going out as a couple. Dylan talks about slowing down – dating – filling in the gaps. Going to get some lemon for her soda, Sharon asks Sage how she’s feeling, they chats with Nick about Faith’s Father’s Day gift. Next year she’ll help the baby make him a gift. He’s surprised by how supportive Sharon’s being. Well she wouldn’t have accepted Nick starting a new family before, but now she’s starting her own family. Uh, are you’re … pregnant? Nick’s shocked.

At Underground with Ben, Abby teases her bodyguard (who’s taking his job seriously) That must be Nick’s guard over there, Ben comments. Why would Nick need a guard? Sage asks. Our Father thinks the family and loves ones could be in danger.

Pregnant? Why would Nick think that? She’s not drinking alcohol and talking about starting a new family. Sharon meant adding Dylan to her life. Leaving Nick puzzled, Sharon returns to Dylan, who notices she forgot her lemon. Giving his ‘scatterbrain’ a kiss, Dylan gets another frantic call from Avery (re: another noise) No, she hasn’t called the police – can’t Dylan come by!? Go, Sharon encourages him. That’s nice of you, Dylan can’t keep doing this (but gives Sharon a kiss and hurries out)

Where were we, Cane asks Lily (both back at the bar) You were denying anything real going on with Lauren. No, Cane was declaring his love for his wife. But you’ve been lying to me. She then grills him about Lauren’s midnight visit to his suite – a booty call. She shows him the surveillance footage. Are you checking up on me? Lily’s pissed – who’s the injured party here?! That’s a good question, Cane growls back.

Back on the patio, Mike has evidence that Lauren DOES need physical intimacy. Lauren scoffs at the evidence provided by a jealous Lily. Then why were you in Cane’s room at midnight? Ignoring the question, Lauren claims Mike’s not the man she married (and it has nothing to do with sex) It’s your idiotic perception. It does NOT matter what you can do in the bedroom. The man I married would do everything to keep his family together, not run. We don’t belong together anymore, Mike claims. In tears, Lauren’s tired – she’s done – and ready to sign the divorce papers.

Mike slides the divorce papers across the table – and obediently hands Lauren a pen. She signs quickly and snaps ‘I hope you’re happy now’. No – she won’t start lying now. She basically hopes that Mike’s miserable; that he aches with need. I hope you’re in as much pain as I am, she leaves in tears. Mike’s left to look devastated.

As Victor wonders if Yack doesn’t trust Phyllis, she arrives – nice try. At what? Stirring up trouble. You’re the guilty one. He’s not the same man you pulled from the rubble. You must have drugged Yack when you shared a hospital room. Wouldn’t be the first time he had a doctor administer a drug without authorization. What did you do!? Ashley remains silent as Victor denies he’d have himself framed for embezzlement.