Monday, June 22nd

Let’s ditch these guards. As Ben slips out, Abby tells her guard that she’s going to the ladies room. Sharon bids Nick good night. Sage’s ears perk up as he again asks Sharon if she’s pregnant. No, the timing’s wrong. She’s not even sure Dylan wants kids after what happened with Chelsea. Sage had a lot of concerns too, but Nick made her see things differently. Nick agrees that Sharon should talk to Dylan – he wants to have kids. Sharon’s then left to give us a good look at the pregnancy test in her purse.

The place is clean, Dylan reports. No one’s getting in here. He declines wine, but accepts Avery’s thank you and tells her to lock her door. You were supposed to call the police, he reminds – why’d you call me? Avery was scared – the police take longer. And? I knew you’d come to make me feel safe. Dylan can’t come every time. In tears, Avery apologizes. I’ve got it. This is an inconvenience. Go home – go home to Sharon. Come one, Dylan says – you’re stronger than this. If you need a friend, call your sister. If you’re scared, call the police. Avery’s left looking devastated.

At the park, Abby’s ‘inhaled’ her cheeseburger – who doesn’t love a burger from Burger Beat? Ben can think of one person. Oh right – Vikki, but Abby knows she loves the french fries. No need for Ben to apologize. Abby worries how their relationship will fare when there’s no crisis. Ben looks forward to finding out. Both chuckle as he hands some food over to the body guard on the next bench.

Cane IS insulted that Lily pulled surveillance footage. You don’t know what happened. Well they kissed, so Lily’s sure they had sex. I’m not lying, Cane insists (and is left to sigh and toss the flowers in the trash)

Upstairs, Joe knocks on the door to the suite Lily’s in. You OK? No – she’s so mad she could scream. Joe takes the mini bottle she’s yanked from the mini fridge – you don’t need that. How do you know what I need!? She promptly kisses him. Not surprisingly, Joe’s receptive. Lily jumps up to straddle him – and then they hit the bed.

Dylan meets Sharon at home – this thing with Joe’s getting to Avery. He’s sorry their date was ruined. Oh, it’s not ruined at all. Sharon’s lit candles etc. What’s all this? We’re having a baby, she stuns him.

Mike’s now alone at the park. Signed divorce papers in hand, he flashes back over his happy history with Lauren.

Returning to the patio, Lauren finds Mike gone, so goes to warn Cane about Lily having surveillance footage. He’s well aware – she wouldn’t listen to him. Trust is gone, Cane doesn’t think he can fix it. Tell her you won’t stop loving her, Lauren insists – before it’s too late.

Lily awakens naked beneath the sheets. Joe? Joe?? It seems she’s alone.

This is an emergency, Avery cries into the phone – someone’s in my apartment.

Sharon just took a pregnancy test – this is a huge surprise to me too. Unable to get a word in over Sharon’s babbling, he gives her a kiss. This is the greatest news, he says ~hug~