Monday, June 22nd

Back at Underground, Nick tells Sage it’s time to go home (along with their bodyguard) Newman men are protective. You’re safe. Nick won’t let anyone hurt Sage or the baby ~kiss~

I didn’t embezzle anything, Victor informs – but you knew that. The Abbott’s set me up. Phyllis looks to Ashley (who leaves without confirming or denying) That leaves Phyllis to accuse Victor of planning to kill Yack.

Next: Lily appeals to Joe – Do I have your word then? You won’t say anything – to anyone?? … You’re right. He has changed, Adam agrees with Phyllis (who wonders why he’d say that. You don’t know the old Jack) … We (Billy speaks for himself and Kyle) think Bingham needs a DNA test. Yack absolutely agrees.

My Thoughts: Good grief. The way the show’s been going lately, I thought for sure Cane and Lauren were going to fall into each other’s arms and confirm that they have indeed been having a torrid affair. But of course they aren’t. That said, the two most solid marriages must be torn apart. How dare anyone be happy (and certainly battling cancer isn’t dramatic enough) I’m actually glad Lily slept with Joe – either the shrew will be tamed, or – she ends up with Joe. No woman deserves to be abused, but this is fiction after all. And if I can cheer alcoholics on to drink, I can certainly rejoice in Lily suffering the repercussions of her choice…. Avery’s timid mouse act is most unbecoming. She ‘doesn’t scare easily’? Looks like she does now. It seems she’s suffering more from PTSD than her ex who’s been diagnosed with it. At least we won’t be suffering along with her too much longer (JC is leaving the show in a few weeks) … I’m not convinced that Sharon is actually pregnant. The timing seems a bit too convenient. Never mind that it’s rare for a woman Sharon’s age to accidentally get pregnant. One usually has to try a bit harder. Won’t Nikki and Victor be pleased to learn they’re having another grandchild by way of Sharon.