Tuesday, June 23rd

Still evening, Lily awakens to find her bed and the suite empty. Joe? Looking increasingly troubled she gets up to grab her ringing phone – but ignores the call.

On the patio, Cane tells Lauren that Lily’s phone is going to voicemail. He’s tried reaching out to her. Yes, he is fighting, for his kid’s sake – but he’s not sure he can fix this.

Avery’s surprised when Paul responds to her 911 call (he was in the area) Nervous, she relays hearing someone in her bedroom. The window was open and papers were knocked to the ground. I know who it was, Avery claims.

As Lily’s about to leave the suite, Joe returns *awkward* He went for a walk to clear his head. Lily napped – thought she dreamed they slept together. Yes, but we did, Joe clarifies.

After being brought to the station for questioning, Adam joins Billy and his ‘little brother’ at the club. Kyle updates that Summer told Paul to check into his trip for proof that the Abbott’s are framing Victor. No, he didn’t let anything slip. She figured it out. Billy then growls that he wants proof before believing that Adam is Yack’s son.

Yack joins Phyllis in the lab’s office – what were you and Victor talking about? He doesn’t approve of her telling Victor what he’s thinking (that he’s planning to kill him) Stay out of this from now on. Like hell I will, Phyllis snaps.

Adam doesn’t have to prove anything to Billy or anyone else. Think I’m here to steal the family fortune? Maybe, but Billy’s more worried about Yack. He won’t let Adam hurt his brother. And Adam won’t ‘indulge’ Billy (just because everyone else does) Billy and Kyle are left to grumble – but if he’s not Yack’s son, why would Yack go along with the lie? Billy thinks that a good question.

Phyllis lists all Yack’s kept her in the dark about – like packing a pistol. Yack’s sorry he didn’t mention Manuela, and he wasn’t proud to admit Gabe was his son. Him and Victor? It’s just business. Their disagreement has been worked out. Trust me, Yack gives her a kiss. Getting an urgent ‘need to see you’ text from Gabe, Yack seemingly wins Phyllis over with another kiss (then leaves her to rifle through his wallet)

Paul’s checked every inch of Avery’s apartment and can see no signs of forced entry – maybe the window blew open. Avery’s insistent; The man was in my apartment! You think I’m crying wolf? The boy who did that ended up dead. Is that what it’ll take for you to arrest Joe? Me turning up dead?

Lily sees nothing to talk about – she’ll forget that Joe followed her up and took advantage of her being vulnerable. Joe reminds that it was her who kissed HIM, for revenge. He never meant to hurt her, or Cane. So that means you won’t tell anyone? Lily implores hopefully.

Back on the patio, Lauren won’t let Cane give up on his marriage. Lily is furious because she still cares. It’s over when all that’s left is apathy (Lauren wouldn’t have signed the divorce papers if Mike had shown some emotion) She’s so sorry that his crazy plan caused Cane and Lily so much pain. Go to her and make things right.

Yes, Joe will keep their secret. He doesn’t need to give everyone another reason to think him a ‘sleaze’ (as long as Lily doesn’t think that of him) Lily knows it would be hypocritical to judge Joe at this point and thanks him for his discretion. As he leaves, Joe thinks Cane a fool for not treating Lily as she deserves.