Wednesday, June 24th

Jack creeps into his house and scowls at a framed photo of Phyllis and Yack in golf attire. Hello!???? Anyone here??? I’m home. I’m home, he chokes up and runs upstairs to change out of his coveralls.

At the club, Cane continues to kiss Lily’s ass – his relationship with Lauren will be strictly business. What’s wrong? It seems as if something’s been bothering Lily all night long.

In his suite, Joe gets a call from Avery; she needs to see him. She’s at home – is now a good time? Joe’s not falling for that (she’ll call the cops) OK – Avery will meet him at the park. Yes, she’s serious about ending the war between them.

Marco falls into Adam’s trap. Who the hell are you? He blames the building falling on his head. Yeah, Adam knows all about pretending to be someone you’re not. Where were we when I told you who I really was? Who’s Skye? Stephanie? Who are you and what have you done with Jack? He’s dead, Marco announces.

Jack’s back downstairs, in a suit. Jack – what are you doing home? a surprised Phyllis asks him what’s wrong. Nothing, everything’s fine, he says near tears – I just want to look at you.

Lily assures Cane that she’s not worried about the kids – she’s fine. Joe saunters over to the bar – happy to see them together. Gives hope to us sinners. Have a good evening, he leaves Cane to guess why Lily’s so uncomfortable; the video of him going to Lauren’s suite. He’d never cheat on her or disrespect their marriage like that.

Coming through the revolving door, Marisa’s stunned to see Marco talking to Adam; telling him that he didn’t kill Jack (just capitalized on the likeness) He wanted to make his play and get out. Adam realizes he’s been getting away with this for months. Marco Aniselli reveals his name (which Adam doesn’t recognize) Jack was like a Father to me – we were close – but you fooled me. Who helped you? No one – Marco did his research. He told everyone what they wanted to hear; Victor, Kyle. Phyllis? Easiest of all – I gave her the love every woman craves.

Phyllis thought Jack had a business meeting. Red, he hugs her. ‘Strange’, she looks into his eyes – she’s been worried – but now it suddenly feels familiar – like everything will be OK. I’m back, Jack assures her.

Avery and Joe meet in the park. You stalking me now? he jokes. Don’t flatter yourself, and Avery’s not there to make peace; she’s there to blast him for sleeping with Lily, his friend’s wife. It’s like he’s determined to ruin every happy relationship in GC. It’s like you have no morals. Joe doesn’t think Avery should judge anyone on adultery. And why does she care about what he does? Because she wants the sick bastard to stop. Sleeping with Lily? Or anyone who isn’t you? You sound jealous.

Lily should have trusted Cane; she made things worse. She has no right to judge him – she knows he loves her and the kids. Cane’s lucky to have Lily as his wife. No, I’m the lucky one, she says. Cane suggests they end the perfect evening in a suite upstairs. Lead the way, Lily forces a smile.

Jack’s about to explain all to Phyllis when Summer arrives – she knows he set up her Grandfather. I shouldn’t even be here. He told me it wasn’t safe. Victor arranged bodyguards to protect his family. Summer doesn’t even know who Jack is anymore – and you had your son do your dirty work. I’m not that man, Jack says as he absorbs the intel.

As Marisa’s almost caught sneaking past, Adam threatens to blow Marco’s cover. Yeah, well if Adam does that, Marco will blow HIS cover with Chelsea. What Marco wants is simple; help me fake my death and frame Victor for it.

Adam balks at tricking the Abbott’s into thinking Jack’s dead. But he IS dead, Marco points out. Adam needs to ask himself – what do I want???

In suite upstairs, Marisa types into a phone.

You didn’t frame my grandfather? You’re not that man? What’s going on? Questioned by Phyllis and Summer, Jack gets a text from Marisa, telling him she’s checked into the club and that Marco’s downstairs. Be careful. Jack must go – we’ll finish this later. There’s more he needs to find out. That feeling you just had now, hang onto that, Jack tells Phyllis in parting.

In a suite, Cane pours some bubbly. We’re celebrating. Lily flashes back to being with Joe. We’ll toast later, Cane gushes about how beautiful Lily is ~kiss~ Again she flashes back to Joe – and looks nervous as he unzips her dress. On the bed, she again thinks of Joe. I can’t do this – sorry, she pushes Cane off her.