Wednesday, June 24th

Avery is NOT jealous – don’t flatter (or demean) yourself. Joe calls her self righteous, running around like the town crier calling HIM scum – when SHE cheated. Avery feels justified – she was mistreated. Fancy cars and houses didn’t make up for the way Joe treated her. You’re a small man with a monstrous ego!! Let go of me, she yelps when he grabs her arm.

Stop being so dramatic, Joe releases Avery’s arm – YOU violated the restraining order (in bad faith even) Joe lied in hopes Avery would see what they shared once upon a time. They bicker about whether she pushed him off the balcony or not. Deep down you must have known I was faking, Joe’s only crime was loving Avery. Don’t you dare say that! This isn’t love! she’s left alone to shout. Or is she alone? Hearing a noise, she looks nervous.

Jack’s Mr Sincere all of a sudden? Summer’s puzzled (as is Phyllis) She’s questioning Jack’s behavior too – perhaps the marriage has been a lie. But just a minute ago, the old Jack was back. It was just a feeling Phyllis had. There was something in his eyes. It’s the closest she’s felt to Jack in months.

In Marisa’s suite, Jack admits that he saw Phyllis and Summer (despite their agreement to hold off) He didn’t tell them the truth. They seemed upset at me. It seems Marco framed Victor (who might have paid his ransom) Marisa learned from the bartender that Marco was talking to Gabriel Bingham. Looks like they have a secret. They do, Jack confirms.

Marco tells Adam that his only choice is to help him with his end game. You won’t betray me – I’m the one who can grant your 3 wishes; #1. revenge on Victor; #2. legacy – as Jack’s heir you’ll run the company – and #3. you keep Chelsea and Connor. It’s within your reach. Grab it. Or give it all up because NOW you want to play by the rules? There’s everything to gain – nothing to lose. OK, Adam agrees to help Marco.

Now seated, Cane doesn't need to rush - we can take our time. Be honest - are things OK? Lily would love nothing more than to get back to where they were before. Cane would never cheat on Lily - we'll get through this ~hug~

Jack tells Marisa who Gabe is - we need to find out what they're up to. What they're plotting against Victor; who'll be collateral damage. Jack must find out BEFORE he reclaims his life. How does this end? Marisa wonders what Jack has planned for the man who's been tricking his family; his wife. Jack will give Marisa fair warning, but needs to know what Marco's put in motion. Yes, you can trust me, she assures. First step? She's to go to Jabot and log into R&D's computer - take photos of Ashley's desk. He needs to know if Victor's working alone or with his family.

Marco and Adam are in the darkened lab. Marco pulls out a bulletproof vest. Adam scoffs at the idea - Victor's not a cold blooded killer. Oh, he'll pull the trigger, Marco grins with confidence.

Victor has made it abundantly clear that he will kill to protect his family. Marco just needs to give him a last little push over the edge. He's arranged a meeting at Chancellor Park later tonight. It's too soon, Adam says. That's the beauty of it, Marco says - Victor will never see this coming. Marisa hides behind a desk and listens.

Meanwhile, Phyllis is home; flashing back to showing Jack her wedding gown. Wow. Yes, we've made it this time. Now it's off to the beach to get married.

Cane has something to ask Lily about Joe. She tensed up when he came around - had he been bothering you? Lily wishes she hadn't opened up to Joe - it's none of his business. Cane's just as guilty - he told Joe about Lauren.