Thursday, June 25th

Sharon and Dylan welcome their guests; Noah, Mariah and Paul; who’s eager to eat the Osso Bosco that’s been in the oven for hours. Mariah wastes no time quietly praising/threatening Dylan; at least he took her seriously (to forget about Joe and Avery and focus on Sharon)

Joe enters his suite panting like he’s run all the way home. Pouring a quick drink, he flashes back to his argument with Avery. He scowls even harder as he thinks about the time he slapped Avery when they were married.

Her face beaten and bruised, Avery’s in a hospital bed; zoning out as the doctor talks about collecting evidence to catch her attacker.

Marisa returns to the suite; Marco and ‘Gabe’ were at the club. Something’s happening tonight at the park – someone’s not coming out of there alive.

At the club, Nikki snaps at her guard – then Victor (what do they need protection from?)

In the lab’s office, Marco’s putting a shirt over his bullet proof vest. Adam’s worried – when he and Jack tried to frame Victor for murder it blew up in our faces. Pointing a gun at Adam, Marco’s tired of hearing how invincible TGVN is. And if you’re not with me, you’re another loose end I have to tie up.

Adam’s all for Marco bringing Victor down – but his Father’s not a murderer. Jack points the gun – then laughs as Adam frets – you think this is funny!? You’re gonna wave this fake gun around? Marco’s sure Victor will shoot him (Victor goes to jail – Marco takes off to the islands – Adam gets NE-Abbott and Chelsea/Connor) Now let’s discuss phase 2 – when the smoke clears.

Marisa and Jack try to figure out what’s going on tonight (and what Victor and Marco were up to) Jack’s even more pissed when he hears that the company’s are merged; Jabot’s now Newman-Abbott. Damn them; Marco and Victor!

Victor will do anything to keep his family safe. He has no need to embezzle; he was set up by Jack. Nikki’s at the club to meet her son – Dylan. Yes, she knows he’s living with Sharon but SHE doesn’t interfere in her children’s lives. Victor drops veiled hints about not having much time. He tells Nikki not to worry – he’ll protect the family at all costs.

The Dr has her samples etc. She can include anything Avery says in her notes. It was Joe. It was Joe who raped me, she blurts out.

No, Avery hasn’t told the police it was Joe. She doesn’t want to talk to them (or the officer outside) The Dr asks his last name. Clark – my ex husband, a tear rolls down her cheek. If it’s not reported to the police, is there someone Avery can tell????

Paul gets a call – unfortunately, Chris won’t be able to make it for dinner. All are dying to know what they’re celebrating. Where’s Nikki? Maybe she’s not coming, Sharon knows she’s not her favourite person. You’re getting married, Mariah guesses excitedly. Noah thinks it a bit quick. Sharon and Dylan announce that they’re having a baby. Congratulations, Paul’s happy he’ll have a grandchild. Wait til grandma hears the news, Noah comments.

Jack calls the ‘reasonable’ Nikki, hoping they can talk about the situation with Victor etc. As she hangs up to update Victor, he insists she not meet Jack at the park in an hour. Fine, Nikki’s going to see Dylan – Victor can go meet Jack at the park for all she cares.

No way Victor will let Nikki meet you at the park, Adam knows. Yes, but Victor will be there (raring to shoot him) Marco looks delighted.

Jack wonders how Marco got his family to go along with his scheme – and who’s running the company his Father created? Not caring how dangerous it is, Jack’s going to the park tonight.