Wednesday, June 24th

Avery’s jumping at noises in the dark night. Is someone there? A man clad in black clamps a hand over her mouth and drags her off.

Next: In the lab, Marco points the gun at Adam – if you’re not on my side, you’re just another loose end I have to deal with …. He’s here to keep you safe. What are you protecting us from? .. Something is happening tonight, Jack says. Somebody’s not coming out of there alive, Marisa adds (as Jack strolls into the park – hello Victor) Adam hides nearby.

My Thoughts: Adam playing Jack’s son may make him HIS heir, but it’s doubtful the company would fall into his hands; not when Ashley (the executor of his will) and Billy have been working there way before Adam showed up …. Jack was like a Father to Adam? Maybe at one time – but they weren’t on the best terms since Adam started blackmailing him with threats to turn Billy into the police …. Whether she’s right or wrong, Summer has a lot of nerve shouting at Jack in his own home. She went off on him worse than she did on Victor for tricking her into signing her Mom’s medical care over to him … Never mind not being able to recognize Jack – who is this new neurotic Avery? If you’re scared enough of someone to get a restraining order, you don’t trick them into meeting you at a park late at night. Him sleeping with Lily is none of her business; she barely knows the Ashby’s. It was almost a relief when someone clamped a hand over her mouth and hauled her off…. Knowing that Phyllis is sharing a bed with Marco, I’ll lose all respect for Jack if he knowingly lets that happen even one more night. I hope this all plays out before the night is through… If Marisa’s able to stay hidden, why couldn’t Jack have hidden to spy instead?