Thursday, June 25th

Sharon’s sorry they made their announcement before Nikki arrives. She’s in shock – barely used to them living together. Is this baby what you want? she asks Dylan. Yes – he’s already buying Cubs outfits. Then Nikki’s happy for him (and manages to congratulate them both) Mariah’s disappointed by the lack of fireworks. Noah worries whether Sharon can take her meds while pregnant (then lists what’s happened when Sharon hasn’t been on her meds) Scolded by Dylan, Nikki apologizes. Sharon’s going to take good care of herself – this baby’s important. The timing questioned, Sharon denies it has anything to do with Nick and Sage having a baby. Paul then gets a call – is Avery at GCM? He’s heading there now. When Paul exits refusing to take him, Dylan leaves anyway. So much for being on-board 100%, Mariah gripes.

Jack needs to warn Victor – he saved my life. After that, all bets are off. He knows Marco hasn’t paid off the Chief of Police, but will go alone anyway. You’re not alone, Marisa reminds. Jack agrees they make a good team, but he needs to stop this (himself) before someone gets hurt.

Marco gets a call from the ‘predictable’ Victor (who warns him not to drag his family into this) You’re a big talker who doesn’t have the guts to do the dirty work, Marco taunts. You smug son of a bitch, Victor warns. Then YOU meet me at the park and we’ll end it right now, Marco turns to grin at Adam.

Arriving at GCM, Paul orders Dylan to stay out while he goes in to question Avery. Huffing and puffing, Dylan pounces when the doctor comes out. Wait – is that???? he looks at the rape-kit she hurriedly excuses herself to get to the lab.

At Avery’s bedside, Avery admits that she called Joe to ask him to meet her at the park. Why? She was furious because he slept with a married woman (whom she’d rather not name) Paul needs to hear everything. It was Lily Ashby – she wanted advice. Avery relays getting to the alley behind her apartment. Joe jumped her from behind. He put his hand over her mouth and pinned her on the ground. I didn’t see his face – but recognized his cologne. He was wearing a ski mask. No, she couldn’t pick him from a line up for sure, but she knows it was Joe. Paul assures Avery he’ll take care of everything. He took my purse, my keys, she panics. Does she want to see Dylan? (he was with him when the call came in) Avery nods through her tears. He won’t get away with this, Paul assures her. Ending a call with Sharon, Dylan enters – and holds a crying Avery in his arms.

Back at Sharon’s, all are updated that Avery was attacked. He’s NOT still in love with her! Sharon yelps at Mariah (who’s ushered aside by Noah) That leaves Nikki and the ‘opportunist’ to go at it. Do you even know Dylan’s middle name? Do YOU? This is not a ‘trap’, Sharon insists. Nikki accuses Sharon for forgetting to take her pills – or putting a hole in a condom. Noah comes over to defend his Mom.

At the club, Marisa bumps into Victor. Do I know you? he asks. No, but there’s something you need to know. It’s crucial! Victor ignores her and keeps walking.

At the park, Marco and Adam get into position. Adam will text him when Victor arrives (and hopes no one gets killed tonight) He only wants Victor to live so he knows who brought him to his knees. Next time we meet, I’ll be the late Jack Abbott, Marco shakes Adam’s hand. And Victor will be on his way to prison.

Paul’s looking around Avery’s apartment when Joe comes through the conveniently left open door. Where’s Avery? You’re supposed to stay away from her, Paul says. Joe relays their argument at the park – is she OK? She hasn’t been answering her phone. No, she’s not OK, she’s been raped, Paul informs.

Dylan wishes he’d done something to protect Avery. Who was it??? Was it Joe???

Paul wonders if Joe’s there to get rid of something. No, he’s not accusing him of rape – Avery is. She said I….??? Paul tells him to go home and rest – he’ll have questions for him in the morning – don’t leave town.

Nikki’s spent years turning a blind eye. Now she calls it like she sees it. Sharon’s using this baby to hang onto Dylan. You’re about to have a baby with a man who isn’t free of his past – right Mariah? I don’t see him here, Mariah also has her hands on her hips. Sharon must ask Nikki to leave. Ohhh nooo – thank you (relieved, she grabs her purse and slams out) Sharon then turns on Mariah (who can leave too) – you sided with Nikki and deliberately tried to set me off.

Adam hides and watches – as Jack strolls up to Victor in the park.

Why would Mariah deliberately try to hurt Sharon? To prevent her from being hurt worse of course. Nikki’s right about pretending – and Sharon needs to see Dylan for what he is. Noah steps in – Mom doesn’t need tough love right now. Sharon won’t be anyone’s doormat; being a Mother comes first. This baby will need her brother and sister. Mariah will be a wonderful big sister. Hugging her, Sharon gushes – everything will be fine, you’ll see.