Thursday, June 25th

Knock knock. Joe opens his door – to find Dylan glaring at him.

Still at Avery’s, Paul gets a call – whoa. Slow down. Where’d she get her info? Put her through. Marisa tells him to send all his officers to Chancellor Park – there’s going to be a shooting. What? Who is this?! ~click~

At the park, Victor tells Marco that he made a big mistake. No, you made a mistake and we’re going to sort it out right now. As Marco reaches inside his jacket, Victor pulls and fires a gun. As Marco drops, Adam appears. What the hell have you done? he looks at Victor.

Next: Adam makes Victor an offer; I clean up your mess here and no one has to know you were involved. And you get what? Victor asks. Newman-Abbott, you hand it over to me – the whole thing … Phyllis does a slow boil as Avery shouts through her tears – I want to see him feel the shame I’m feeling right now. I want him DEAD!! … Dylan looks down at Joe (who has a bloody nose) – just admit what you did! You sick son of a bitch!

My Thoughts: I’m a bit late today due to it being graduation night 🙂 Could Paul be any ruder? Yes- let’s eat before the other guests arrive – as soon as you walk in the door? … Of course Avery’s door is left open – again… Paul’s an idiot; what could be better than you arresting Avery’s rapist IN HER apartment, within an HOUR of her being raped? But no – by all means, send him home for a good night’s sleep – and a shower. Never mind checking the clothes he’s wearing for DNA evidence. How about going to look in Joe’s suite for a ski mask? How could the Chief of Police not guess that his hot tempered son would make a beeline for Joe’s suite? …. Osso Bucco is veal flank if anyone’s interested …. Adam’s right – there IS a lot of things that could go wrong with Marco’s plan. For one, his bullet proof vest doesn’t help if Victor shoots him in the head (or if he’s a lousy shot and shoots him in the leg or nether-regions) … Perhaps Avery could have someone let Lily know that her secret isn’t so much a secret anymore… Couldn’t Avery’s doctor have wheeled the rape kit out in a cart to make it less obvious? How did Dylan know what it was? Did it say RAPE KIT on the side?… Have neither Adam or Marco thought that perhaps the lab’s office is bugged? Or that Vikki or Ashley (or a janitor even) might show up? … Isn’t it a bit early for Sharon and Dylan to be throwing a celebration party? Her pee stick isn’t even dry yet … It seemed that Avery only thought to say it was Joe who raped her when the doctor called her Ms Clark.