Friday, June 26th

Ashley, Billy and Kyle are all summoned to the lab (via Jack’s ‘burner phone’ they believe – until Summer arrives to say she’s the one who gathered the Abbott’s – this feud ends tonight.

Joining her Mom at the club, Vikki’s surprised to hear that Sharon’s pregnant (presumably with Dylan’s child) But that’s not even why Nikki called – she’s worried about Victor and Jack meeting at the park.

In her suite, Marisa leaves a frantic message for Jack – do NOT go to the park (I told the police there’d be a shooting there tonight)

At the park, Marco and Victor disagree over who’s made a big mistake. As Marco reaches into his jacket, Victor pulls out a gun and shoots him in the chest. Adam runs over to pronounce him dead – you killed Jack.

Phyllis finds Avery dressed and sitting on her hospital bed. Paul called to say she was attacked – why didn’t YOU call me? There’s nothing to say, Avery claims the damage has already been done.

Dylan closes the door behind him and proceeds into Joe’s suite to punch him – twice, in the face. Joe lays flat on his back on the floor.

Adam rants at Victor for killing his Father – the police will know this is premeditated. You planned this. I should let you hang for this. You’ll help me for a price, Victor correctly guesses.

I’m gonna kill him, Phyllis marches towards the door – Paul should have arrested Joe when he had the chance. He’ll pay. The man was wearing a ski mask, Avery can’t say without a doubt that it was Joe. Her career was founded on the presumption of innocence. Of COURSE, Avery’s angry – she wants Joe to feel the shame, the pain. I want him dead! she cries.

Joe comes to sitting across from Dylan; tied to a chair. Helpless, no way out, Dylan taunts; the way Avery felt. Confess and I’ll untie you. She rejected you – you taught her a lesson. Joe denies he attacked Avery. The only person going to jail is YOU. This is a basic interrogation, Dylan claims – confess and stay in one piece. Admit what you did you sick son of a bitch. I’m sick? You’re a maniac – this’ll land you in jail faster than you can spell PTSD, Joe warns.

Back at the lab, Summer relays her recent run in with Jack – it’s like he had no idea what she was accusing him of (re: framing Victor) He went to him for answers. It’s dangerous for everyone. What do we do? the Abbott’s fret. Go to the authorities, Summer insists – before someone gets hurt.

Adam will keep his mouth shut – if Victor gives him Newman-Abbott. Hear those sirens? Get out of here – this never happened. After Victor leaves, Adam’s left to tell Marco that it’s time to go. He’s stunned to see blood. Why weren’t you wearing the vest!? When Marco appears, Adam realize that it’s Jack who’s been shot. Victor shot Jack, Adam states the now obvious.

Stick with the plan, Marco tells Adam that Jack has a pulse; your friend’s alive. Adam assures Jack that he’ll be alright, then hisses at Marco – Where the hell where you!? Marco repeats – stick with the script – you get everything. And Marco? He’ll do what he does best – disappear. Paul and the cops now swarm the area, guns drawn. What the hell happened? Paul hovers over Adam as he applies pressure to Jack’s wound.

Nikki won’t be reassured by Vikki. She’s sure something bad is going down between Jack and Victor (who she’s then relieved to see arrive) At the bar, Victor claims he saw Jack – he wanted to talk about giving ‘Gabe’ a bigger role at the company. He’s already co-CEO! Vikki yelps. What are you supposed to get in return DAD?! Cheers, ignoring the questions, Victor drinks his tequila.