Monday, June 29th

Hovering in the background, Nikki looks sheepish as Ashley breaks up Billy and Adam’s argument. The question isn’t how ‘Gabe’ happened to be in the park – it’s ‘what the hell was Jack doing at the park at that hour’?! Nikki sneaks down GCM’s hallway.

In her suite, holding Marco at gunpoint, Marisa won’t let him get away with this – she’ll tell ‘these people’ who he really is.

In Victor’s office, Phyllis confronts Vikki – you have Jack’s blood on your hands – just like Victor. Did your Father shoot Jack!?

At CL’,s Sharon reads an online article; Taking Medication During Pregnancy. She then empties her medication into a nearby trash can. Noah interrupts – Mom! There’s a cop car outside – what happened? Dylan arrives to hug Sharon, and tell them both that Jack was shot in the park.

In Jack’s room, Paul leaves his card with a nurse – call me if he wakes up. In the hallway, he tells a teary Nikki that he’ll find out who’s responsible. Paul then leaves Nikki to call Neil; Jack’s been shot. I don’t know what to do – I need to see you, she sniffles.

Back at CL’s, Dylan informs Noah that the cops want his surveillance footage (as Jack should be on it) He then tells Sharon that Avery was raped (she believes by Joe) He went to question Joe (not beat him up) He says he didn’t do it – it’s in the cop’s hands now.

Noah scolds Mariah for siding with Nikki over their pregnant Mom (she needs our support) Mariah feels bad – but she didn’t mean to hurt Sharon. What happens to the baby if her bi-polar isn’t in check. Noah says they need to stand by Mom, no matter what. Kevin arrives at CL’s – yeah – he heard about Jack and believes it may be connected to their killer.

At the mention of Jack’s enemies, Summer jumps to defend her Grandpa – he wouldn’t shoot Jack! Kyle tells Summer that her Mom will be back soon – she’ll need you here.

Arms folded, Phyllis blocks Vikki – don’t look at your Father – talk to me. Vikki has no idea who shot Jack. Phyllis thought Vikki had integrity, but you are TRULY your Father’s daughter. After Phyllis clip clops out, Victor thanks Vikki (who’s not happy that she’s lying – why not tell the police that you shot Jack in self defense. And that Gabe’s blackmailing you???) If Vikk’s to keep lying, she wants to know everything Victor does.

Watching the nurse leave, Nikki slips into Jack’s room. I’m so sorry, she whimpers – oh why didn’t I meet you in the park. No one knows Victor was there; probably the last one you saw before …. I’m praying for you to recover. You must. I can’t lose my friend. And Victor can’t be your … My husband can’t be your murderer. Adam’s poked his head in to listen.

Marco continues to look down the barrel of Marisa’s gun – go ahead – pull the trigger, he taunts. It’s the only way the truth will come out (I’ll never turn myself in) Taking the gun, Marco can tell Marisa still loves him. It wasn’t his plan – but rather that of a man he admires (though doesn’t trust) He too will do whatever he must to get what he wants.

Victor adores Vikki, but this is about protecting his family. Adam arrives to update that Jack’s in a coma he might not wake up from. This is horrible, Vikki mutters as she leaves to be with Billy. That leaves Victor to deny that he wanted Jack dead. No, but you don’t want him to wake up and tell everyone you shot him. Someone else knows – your wife (and she’s talking)

Phyllis is back at GCM, and updated that Jack’s in a coma. Oh no – Phyllis can’t do this again. As Summer goes to follow her Mom, Ashley and Kyle stop her. Phyllis is NOT happy to catch Nikki coming out of Jack’s room. How dare you shed tears over my husband! Your husband shot him. Nikki’s sorry – but no, she doesn’t know Victor shot him. You know, Phyllis insists. When Neil arrives, Nikki asks him to stay. He will, and tells Phyllis that he’s sorry – he just found out. Nikki’s sorry too. Phyllis is sick of everyone being sorry. She knows Nikki’s covering for Victor (like she did Neil) Do you not have anything to say at all?! Yes, Nikki does.

I know …. Nikki’s cut off when Vikki arrives. Nikki knows that the police will catch whomever shot Jack. Disgusted, Phyllis should have known better. She then turns to Paul – who wants a list of his contact; everyone – starting with Victor – where is he? Nikki and Vikki squirm.

Your wife made a touching bedside confession to Jack – she knows he met you at the park and is wondering who to tell. Victor’s not worried – she wouldn’t betray him (and didn’t see anything) Besides, Victor shot Jack – he pulled a gun first. Nope – you shot an unarmed man. Think about that while I’m running the company. Nice desk, Adam quips as he obediently leaves Victor’s office.