Tuesday, June 30th

How could you destroy Dad’s alibi!? Nikki could really use a drink right now. Sorry I’m stressing you out so badly (Vikki doesn’t sound sorry – at. all.) You sound like a stranger right now. You’ve thrown the man you claim to love under the bus. Do you realize what I’ve risked tonight!? What about the position Nikki’s in?! She refuses to back whatever lies Vikki and her Father come up with. She won’t compromise her integrity or sobriety. It wasn’t Dad’s fault, Vikki explains – there must be a reasonable explanation. Come forward – talk to Paul, Nikki instructs Vikki (who then gets a call from Paul – they have warrants to search the house and Victor’s office. Off she goes.

Flanking Jack’s bed, Billy and Phyllis have a chat (about Jack’s plan that Billy blindly followed) Phyllis describes how Jack hasn’t been himself. But he was different earlier today – his face lit up when he looked at me. When he held me he was totally his old self. Jack wanted to tell Phyllis something but then Summer arrived, and he got a text and left. Oh, and Jack’s ring is missing (a small detail Phyllis feels isn’t small at all)

Having come back from a coma herself, Phyllis is not impressed when a doctor comes in to ask if Jack has a living will (hospital policy) In the hallway, Billy greets Chelsea – and rants about Victor (he’s even to blame for Vikki lying)

Meeting Victor at the park, Adam notes that the cameras have mysteriously stopped working. No one has footage of you shooting an unarmed man. Whoa, Victor disagrees – Jack threatened him and his family (and tried to lure Nikki to the park) But Jack wasn’t reaching for a gun. My Father’s fighting for his life. Victor reminds that Adam showed no concern when his Father was bleeding on the ground – you tried to use it to your advantage. Adam thinks that a quality Victor would admire in a son.

Back at Underground, Marisa’s sorry if she insulted Noah earlier – she knows he’s a nice guy. No one will bother you on the couch, Noah suggests she rest (but should call her boyfriend – guys make mistakes especially when drunk) He had a girlfriend, fiance actually – she was killed. Declining Noah’s offer, Marisa must call her boyfriend herself (and is left to do so)


Entering Jack’s room with Billy, Chelsea gasps – who could have done this?? Victor, Phyllis answers – hoping she’s not there to defend him. No, Jack is Connor’s guardian – he gave me a career, treated Adam like a son. She’d never defend whomever did this. Phyllis apologizes with a hug – she can hear the vultures circling – the doctor … asked if he had a living will. It’s NOT over – my husband will make it. And the man who did this won’t get away with it, she vows.

Victor won’t defend himself to the likes of Adam – he just wants to know if he’s sticking to the deal. Victor told the police that he met Jack for business; it’s the truth. They’re issuing search warrants as we speak. So – are you going to keep your mouth shut? Yes, if Victor names him interim CEO, Adam won’t tell anyone what happened – or that Victor’s trying to cover it up.

Paul bags up Victor’s laptop, then asks to see inside the safe. Well, well, well – I’ll be taking this gun too. Vikki assures her Mother that she didn’t know it was there. Knowing she’s already lied, Paul asks Vikki if there’s anything she wants to tell him.

Billy’s sure the doctors are just following orders. To hell with the lawyers, Phyllis only cares about Jack; the man she vowed to love the rest of her life. Open your eyes baby. Come back to me. I won’t let them give up on you, she promises.

Vikki’s sorry – she shouldn’t have lied. But after the Abbott’s framed her Dad (which Billy admitted) she couldn’t see him railroaded for another crime he didn’t commit. Getting no further info from Vikki, Paul leaves her to face Nikki (who says your Father might be proud of you, but I’m not) Vikki’s left alone to mull that over.