Tuesday, June 30th

CEO, Adam reminds – the clock’s ticking. Victor honours his agreements, Adam better too. Or what? With a menacing glare, Victor exits. Adam then gets a call from Marisa (who knows he’s not Gabe Bingham and says Marco won’t be a problem anymore) What does that mean? Adam doesn’t even get Marisa’s name. I can be your worst enemy or your best ally – the choice is yours. We WILL meet – eventually ~click~ Adam worries.

Next: I had to walk away from the family business and now I’m walking away from you, Nick tells his Father and leaves…. Kevin tells Mariah – now is where I connect the dots and you admit that what happened to Jack and our friends is tied together…. Ashley updates Phyllis; Jack agreed to a DNA test – the results should be back any day.

My Thoughts: I always feel mildly cheated when a preview turns out to be a dream. But of course it’s too soon for Chelsea to find out that Gabe’s really Adam… What happens to Reed if Vikki’s arrested? I dunno Billy, he misses out on weekly Skype chats and once a year visits? …. Good for Nikki for calling Vikki out on her lies. She doesn’t have to defend herself, or give Vikki a reason for telling the truth. Vikki wasn’t the dutiful daughter – she sued her Father for half a billion …. Why would Adam ask Victor to name him interim CEO? He’s already co-CEO alongside Vikki (much to her annoyance) …. Billy tells Vikki that she could be in trouble for lying to Paul – but has JUST admitted that HE and the Abbott’s lied to Paul about the computer glitch. Does he really think his lie could get him in trouble? That said, neither Vikki or the Abbott’s are in trouble for lying. If Paul was serious about his job he’d have arrested Vikki for obstruction and investigating this supposed ‘computer glitch’…. Vikki really thinks her Father is not a monster? Even if he’s not a cold blooded killer, he’s responsible for bringing Marco to town (to kill three people) and the path of destruction Patty Williams brought to town (including Colleen’s death) … Where the hell is Traci anyway? Couldn’t she make the trip since her brother is ‘fighting for his life’? .. So now the cameras at the park are ‘mysteriously not working’? Victor went directly from the club to the park. How would he have time to arrange for someone to tamper with the cameras (either onsite or remotely) And are they so low-tech that they have a light to indicate whether they’re working or not? Why haven’t the cameras ever captured any of the other shenanigans going on at Chancellor Park. How disrespectful to Katherine’s memory. I’m surprised she wasn’t the reason for Nikki’s sudden decision to tell the truth…. How long have you and I been friends? Victor asks Paul (like they’re best buds for the past 30 years) … Victor has a good poker face – he must be wondering who called the police with an anonymous tip that there’d be a shooting … Sofia Pernas (the actress who plays Marisa) is only 25. She could very well be Noah’s next love interest. Hopefully she’s honest with him (though that’s doubtful) – he deserves some happiness and there aren’t many couples to root for anymore (since the Baldwin’s and the Ashby’s have been all but destroyed) It’s likely she’s only in Noah’s orbit to being her into Victor’s … Phyllis ‘left work early today’? I almost forgot she had a job at Jabot… When Victor told Phyllis that he was only there our of concern for Jack, why didn’t she order him to call Dr Cutter? It makes no sense that the idea hasn’t crossed her mind (while she’s sitting at Jack’s bedside pleading with him to come back to her) And why would the doctor already be asking whether Jack has a living will – he’s been comatose for less than a day!