Wednesday, July 8th

After the doctor leaves, Phyllis’ disappointment is short lived when Jack again squeezes her hand. If you can hear me, squeeze once for yes, twice for no. That’s a yes! Are you in pain? No. Did you hear the doctor? Yes. Then why didn’t you react? You want only me to know? You don’t trust anyone. Did you call Nikki to meet you in the park? Did you take a gun with you? Adam interrupts – what are you doing????

Kyle drops by Summer’s ranting about how selfish everyone’s being; including me; what’s wrong? He picks up the wedding photo Summer’s been moping over. One year today. No, Summer doesn’t want to be alone. The Abbott’s and Newman’s came together that day. Now everything’s a mess. Kyle relays his run in with Abby (who’s now Team Gabe) Summer worries their families will come between them.

Chelsea praises Abby (who boasts that she saved Newman 3% across the board) Nick, Vikki and Billy aren’t impressed – it should be 5%. How did you persuade him? A smile? A wink? No, Abby used her brain. Chelsea agrees – Abby took advantage of an opportunity. Just like Gabe – maybe he hired someone who’d stoop just as low as he would. Abby’s jaw drops at the harsh assessment.

Noah tells Marisa about the DNA on an envelope; it belonged to some drug kingpin. Then the FBI ran a test and the DNA matched a disgruntled Jabot employee. The drug lord’s name? Marco Aniselli. Do you know him!? Yes, Marisa admits.

Phyllis tells Adam that Jack’s not reacting. Holding his hand, Phyllis gets the OK to leave the men alone. After she leaves, Adam wonders if Jack CAN hear them. Or remember what happened that night. You bet I do, Jack thinks. You were laying on the ground – unconscious, Adam prattles on. No, Jack wan’t unconscious – he heard the deal Adam made with Victor. Adam didn’t know what to do – he called 911 when he realized Jack was bleeding. Jack knows he and Marco planned to fake his death and send Victor to prison. Was Adam also in in the plan to bring Marco here to replace him? You’re not innocent in all this. This is how you repay me for keeping your secret? Get better – we’ll figure this out, Adam concludes.

No, Marisa doesn’t know Marco – her ex boyfriend knew him. Noah’s eager to follow this lead – you owe me a favour – call your boyfriend. Marisa can’t – her boyfriend is gone.


Phyllis watches intently through the window as Adam sits at Jack’s bedside; moping. Her MRI over, Ashley joins Phyllis – hey, who let Gabe in there?? Phyllis did – it’s what Jack would want. Not if he knew what Gabe was doing to the company. When Gabe comes out, Ashley gripes about him putting Abby in charge (over her and Vikki) Gabe won’t defend his actions. Ashley calls him a smug weasel – this battle has just begun. Gabe’s making smark remarks as Ashley clip clops out. Phyllis is left to ask how his chat with Jack went. I told him what he needed to hear, Adam leaves her puzzled.

Chelsea continues to defend Abby against Billy and Vikki. Abby’s insulted by Miss Liesalot. Vikki thinks it a joke that she’s jealous of Abby. When Billy joins in, Nick calls it off. I’ll have the last laugh, Abby walks. Nick snaps at Billy and Vikki – this has gone far enough. Chelsea’s curiosity is piqued.

Kyle continues to fuss over Summer (who challenges him to name one happy couple) He only cares about US – our families won’t come between us. I guess we should break up now, he suggests. Summer doesn’t want that – she will try to trust that they can beat the odds; but has to wonder who Kyle would choose between her or his family.

Nick wants to give Abby a chance to prove herself. Adam returns to hear him accuse Vikki of wanting Abby to fail so she can get her job back. Nick has as much right to be here as her and Billy. What’s going on? Adam asks. Chelsea tattles on Abby being picked on. He’s thrilled with the 3% cut in shipping costs. Everyone’s acting like children and Adam won’t let them get away with it.

Abby’s surprised when Ben and Ashley show up at Underground (and it can’t be to meet her because they didn’t know she was there) She’s out of the loop on her Mom’s MRI AND Ben’s medical license being reinstated. That’s amazing, she gives him a hug. Ben wanted to get his job back then surprise her. Abby has news too – she got a contract signed. We both have something to celebrate. Ashley warns her that she might be being set up. Abby’s annoyed – can’t anyone just be happy for me.

Back at Underground, Marisa wants nothing more to do with her boyfriend. Noah needs to talk to him. If you’re that scared don’t call him – just tell me his name. I’ll find him myself. Come on.

Do you trust Gabe? Jack squeezes Phyllis’ hand twice – no. She relays what’s happening at work – Gabe’s causing trouble. Should I stop by once a day? Keep an eye on things? No? Is it too dangerous? Yes. Is Gabe lying about what he saw? No. Victor didn’t shoot you in self defense did he? No. Damn him, I knew it, Phyllis hisses.

Ashley is Abby’s biggest fan, but look at everything that’s going on. Gabe’s sweeping us all out the door. So Gabe gave me this job because he expects me to fail? Abby frowns. Ben referees a truce as Ashley hugs Abby – I’m proud of you. After she leaves, Abby notes how quickly Ben sided with Ashley. He claims he’s thrilled about her promotion. From the door, Ashley watches as Abby turns her head to avoid Ben’s kiss. Clearly, he’s not forgiven.

Me or your family? Who would you choose? Summer pressures Kyle – who says he loves her. I love you too, she gives him a kiss. That should tell you everything you need to know, he gives Summer a hug.