Wednesday, July 8th

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At the club, Chelsea and Abby are toasting themselves for a job well done when Kyle arrives to snark that they may as well toast Victor for getting Jack out of the way so they can rise up through the ranks. No need to apologize – it’s very clear which side of the family Abby’s on!

Vikki’s eavesdropping on Nick and Adam when Billy sneaks up on her in the hallway. Lucky I was the one to catch you – why didn’t you wait for me?

At Underground, Noah introduces Summer to new hire Marisa. They then have a chat – she’s a bit down because of the Victor/Jack situation – and it’s her one year wedding anniversary. Noah’s sorry. Summer vows she won’t repeat her mistake; marrying a man she barely knows.

Phyllis asks Jack to show her a way to indicate he can hear her. I hear you Red, Jack thinks aloud, as he twitches his fingers.

In the hallway, Ashley meets up with Ben. She’s sure the MRI will show she’s fine, just stressed out. Looking in at Jack, she’s glad he doesn’t know what’s happened to the company – it would break his heart. Ben then leads Ash of for her scan.

Feeling Jack squeeze her hand, Phyllis encourages him to do it again. He does.

Marisa listens as Noah tells Summer that if someone withholds the truth, it’s on THEM for being dishonest. Stop dwelling on the past. Noah never thought he’d be burying his fiance, or trying to track down her killer. Kevin thinks Jack’s shooting is connected to Courtney and Austin being shot. Maybe there’s something to it. But Grandpa would never kill the people we love – what connection could there be? Summer wonders.

Phyllis tells the doctor that Jack squeezed her hand. She knows what a coma patient can and can’t do. She’s disappointed when the doctor asks Jack to squeeze his hand (and he doesn’t)

How could you betray my Dad like that? Kyle scolds Abby. We all want the company to succeed, Chelsea defends Abby (and Gabe). Kyle’s not surprised; you screwed Billy over but still ended up with an Abbott. Back to Abby; who’s business card has a job title NEITHER of their Father’s would have given her. I’m a member of both families, Abby reminds. Kyle’s sure it’s a mistake – when Jack wakes up you’ll regret siding with that bastard Gabe.

Nick didn’t come back to be a buffer between Gabe and Vikki; he’ll do Neil’s job. He wants the company to work – so, work with me, not against me.

In the hallway, Billy reminds that they planned to bring Gabe down together. Vikki whispers that she and Nick have a plan. Nick? Billy’s surprised – but likes the plan (make Gabe lose focus with their faux dysfunction)

Ben insists on waiting for Ashley. Besides, he’s hoping to talk to someone about getting reinstated. Hex is done. Him leaving the lab has nothing to do with Ashley and Abby. He wants to be a doctor. Ashley’s happy for him though Abby will miss him around the lab, she’s sure.

Vikki and Billy join Nick and Adam. The tension increases as they both needle Nick (don’t you have a poker game to get to? he taunts Billy) After Adam leaves, the threesome discuss fooling ‘Gabe’ – should we bring Abby in? She’s pretty fired up about this job. So we don’t tell her. On cue, Abby arrives (with Chelsea) What’s this? A meeting without your new COO??

Back at Underground, Noah and Summer hug – I love you. After she leaves, Marisa asks Noah about Summer’s husband dying. He and Courtney were killed by the same guy; it wasn’t random. Austin and Courtney found something out. When? Austin was killed on Valentine’s Day; Courtney on the day they were to get married. No one knows what this secret is – but someone’s willing to kill and frame people to keep it a secret.