Wednesday, July 8th

Marisa knows Noah wants justice for Courtney but let the police handle it. If this terrible criminal is involved in this, it’s all the more reason YOU shouldn’t be.

Gabe locks the office door – and insists they drum up a new corporate mission statement – together. Jack, Victor, the world must know the company will be successful with a united front.

Phyllis needs to be certain – did Victor deliberately try to kill you? Yes. I need to call Paul. Why are you saying no? You’ve got to wake up and handle this. I’m trying, Jack thinks aloud – but if I can’t you have to handle it for me. Phyllis weeps.

Next: Dylan’s stunned when Sharon says – I want you to stay far away from Avery …. If Dylan had wanted to kill you, you’d be DEAD, Avery snarls at Joe (in Paul’s office) …Neil growls at Victor – I’m going to remind her what a cheat, what a thief, what a liar you are! Victor throws a left to the gut, a right to the face.

My Thoughts: Why is Summer whining to Noah of all people? He had a longer and more solid relationship with Courtney than she did Austin (plus, one was a cop, the other a criminal) So what if it’s her one year wedding anniversary, Noah never got to have a wedding to celebrate. Abby’s from both families too and she’s doing just fine. Summer’s never AT Jabot or NE, and I can’t remember when she last spent time with her ‘families’. She uses any excuse to whine. Too much time on her hands; she needs a JOB … Abby’s job is a joke – and so’s her relationship with Ben. Momma wants to get her hands on both. Ashley has some nerve to warn Abby about Gabe, when she herself is the biggest threat. Abby’s not the only one who’ll miss Ben around the lab … Does Abby think that putting a suit on and her hair up makes her a good executive? Neil thinks ripping his tie off makes him NOT an executive – Nick may be able to dress like Neil, but he can’t fill his shoes. Neil’s a Stanford grad with degrees and decades of experience… Weird how everyone’s migrated to Victor’s office. leaving the lab a ghost town… So Vikki and Nick’s plan is to behave like spoiled kids? That’s not a huge stretch – they might just be able to pull this one off. Isn’t anyone concerned that Chelsea spending so much time working on mission statements and attending shipping meetings will take time away from frock making? .. Why hasn’t Phyllis had Jack’s doctor consult with Dr Cutler? The doctor who woke her up?? The show needs some humour – Jack should be thinking aloud; Pull my finger Red, pull my finger!!!