Tuesday, July 7th

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Hi sweet girl. Nick’s brought Faith to the park – sorry for the short notice, he tells Sharon (who notes that he looks ‘official’) After Faith runs off to the swings, Sharon’s disappointed when Nick expresses support for his Dad. You worked so hard to get out of Victor’s world – don’t walk back in.

In an interrogation room, Vikki whines about ‘Gabe’ demoting her and giving Abby her position (which Victor thinks a shrewd move) Vikki loves Abby, but she can’t even spell COO. Gabe’s hoping she’ll tank the company, and she just might! Victor asks Vikki to give Abby a chance. Perhaps underestimating her will be Gabe’s undoing.

Chelsea leans in the doorway as Adam handles a call from a reporter. Yes, it feels good behind Victor’s desk. He was following his conscience by going to the police. But it looks like revenge to some people, Chelsea points out. Dressed to impress, Abby arrives to announce she’s not a tube of lip gloss. She’s in charge of operations – and plans to operate the hell out of this place.

Avery joins Chris; who extends her sympathies but thinks it unprofessional that she called the Chief of Police to voice her frustration. Threatening to handle things yourself makes it sound like you’re going off the rails. Avery assures she’s not.

At the station, Dylan’s badgering Paul (who insists there’s not enough to make an arrest) On cue, Joe appears with his lawyer; he’s filed a suit against Paul and the GCPD.

Back at the park, Nick assures Sharon that he’s not getting sucked in. Sharon reminds that Nick told Noah to stay away from Victor – take your won advice. She’s even more troubled to hear he’s going back to NE – you left for a good reason. And Nick’s going back for a good reason; to squash Bingo.

Loyal? Vikki balks – who is Abby loyal too? She worked at Jabot, with her Mom and Uncle. Her new cousin promoted her. Gabe’s the reason you’re here. Victor’s sure Chris and Paul will see that he shot Jack in self defense. In the meantime, give Gabe enough rope to hang himself.

Abby makes it clear that she’ll protect the company at all costs, then balks at a fashion designer showing her the ropes. Knowing she’s holding a grudge because of Billy, Chelsea asks how Austin is, I mean Stitch. Neither wanting to argue, a tense truce is formed. Both look pissed as Adam smiles – that’s the spirit.

Chris explains to Avery that there’s no physical evidence to arrest Joe (who wasn’t accused initially – Avery couldn’t see his face) You’re contradicting your statement. As a lawyer, she must know it won’t hold up through questioning. You’re not thinking clearly. Avery reveres the law; but feels all alone. You have no idea who I feel. Chris does – she was raped too; by someone she knows. Yes, her attacker was convicted. Avery wants the same justice – don’t let my rapist go free.

Nepotism at it’s finest. Joe wonders why Paul hasn’t arrested his son. On behalf of his client, David Sherman plans to sue Dylan for pain and suffering (AFTER he forces the Chief to arrest him) Unconcerned, Dylan vows that Joe will never hurt Avery again.

Sharon continues to lecture Nick; let Vikki be the savior. Nick appreciates the concern – but it’s none of your business. It is – because of the kids they share. Nick assures he’ll be back at his club before long. He believes his Dad (though can’t deny he’s done some horrible things in the past) Basically, Nick’s picking his Dad’s version over Gabe’s.

Chris is convinced by Avery’s distress – she’ll talk to Paul – they’ll get the evidence to ensure Joe never prays on another woman again. This has to end, I need to be the one who ends it, Avery asserts.

Victor and Vikki exchanged a few words (but I lost my satellite signal due to heavy rain. I imagine it was more of Vikki whining)