Thursday, July 9th

Devon and Hilary bump into Lily at the club; no they aren’t going to call her a hypocrite or mention karma. They just want to make sure she’s alright.

Is everything alright? Lauren meets Cane in the park – and is stunned to hear that Lily slept with Joe. We shared one kiss, she’s flabbergasted – and so sorry. When Mike joins the party in the park, Cane blames him – you ruined your marriage and destroyed mine.

The cop doing Victor’s bidding has delivered his cell phone to him. If you get caught with this we both go down. Victor’s well aware of that.

Now alone, Victor calls Nikki. At the club with Neil, she asks him to answer the call. I don’t want to talk to him. Neil tells Victor that Nikki’s out of the hospital and doing just fine. She doesn’t want to talk to you. Then tell her to come to the station. Not gonna happen, Neil says. Then you come, Victor orders.

At CL’s, Dylan lets Sharon know that he’s anxious for word from Paul or Avery. It pains him that she has to be in the same room as ‘that guy’.

In Paul’s office, David Sherman (Joe at his side) puts a recorder on the desk and deposes Avery (who’s vague on Dylan threatening Joe in his suite) If Dylan wanted you dead that night, you’d be dead! she snarls.

Lily finds it hard to believe that Hilary takes no pleasure in this – and that Devon’s not judging her (they have every right to) Yes, Cane’s angry. And there’s no need for Hilary to leave. Lily explains seeing security footage of Cane going into Lauren’s room. Instead of asking him, she made an assumption. Joe followed her to her room, but no, it was consensual. Cane will never forgive me.

Mike defends himself against Cane and Lauren. Lily sleeping with someone wasn’t part of HIS plan. All are shouting and pissed. What the hell is wrong with you!? Lauren shuts Mike up.

Yes, Avery arrived at Joe’s suite to find that Dylan had tied him to a chair. His face was bruised but she never saw him lay a hand on him. Dylan said he’d ‘do what he had to’. Yes, to get the truth – that Joe raped me. It’s what happened! she insists. After David leaves, Joe apologizes for the inconvenience. Joe’s being forced to clear his name. I didn’t do this. Avery knows what happened that night. Joe reminds that she spent years clearing the names of the wrongly accuses – now help me clear MY name. Avery spent her career fighting for justice. I want you locked up!!

Despite Sharon’s best attempt, Dylan declines dinner – he’s off to the station to answer questions. No worries – he’ll have the whole department there to keep him in line ~hug~

Neil visits Victor; who appreciates him always supporting his family and is sorry he was harsh earlier. Neil’s not there because Victor ordered him to come, he’s there to deliver a message; respect your wife, respect her wishes. What are her wishes? Freedom, from you. Sure Victor will pay his way out of the charges, Neil vows to protect Nikki. No one comes between me and my wife, Victor growls. Now face to face, Victor claims that Nikki will never leave him. She’s leaning on ME now, and I’ll reminder her what a cheater, a thief you are. Victor lands two punches that send Neil sprawling.

Lauren and Cane continue to lambaste Mike – who insisted he acted for Lauren’s sake. No, you didn’t care about Lauren, or me, or my wife and kids. What sort of man are you? Cane leaves him to think, followed by Lauren (and think Mike does)

Lily feels terrible about hurting Cane and her children – and is surprised when Hilary rationalizes her actions. Things will never be right between Cane and me. Devon tells her not to give up hope – who thought us three would be talking like this?

Something from the bar? No thanks, Nikki will stick with her tea thanks (but is left to stare longingly at the bottles on display behind the bar)

At CL’s, Avery wishes she could tear Joe limb from limb. Give yes and no answers, she coaches Dylan. No one’s doing anything, she tears up – he was at the station; all those officers and no one arrested him. He’s going to get away with this. I can’t let that happen. Dylan disagrees – we won’t let him get away with it. He leaves for the station. Yes, Avery will be fine here. Sharon appears to frown down at her – what have you done??