Friday, July 10th

Noah knocks on Marisa’s door – he forgot his phone (but is distracted at the sight of Marisa in a towel and wet hair) Good night, they bid one another again.

Dylan continues to slowly count to 10. Avery puts the gun down. He raped me Paul. He didn’t – Paul explains that the man they caught tonight had her phone and her purse. We’ve got our guy. Avery looks bewildered as Dylan pulls her into his arms.

Nick asks Sage what’s going on – it has to do with Gabe, he knows. The fake marriage is over. You act like you still have some tie to this guy. Flashing back to sex with Gabe, Sage claims she has no ties to him – she’s looking forward to a life with Nick and the baby ~hug~ Billy and Vikki watch – and pat themselves on the back for making a good team. Gabe thinks he’s on top of the world. We need to bring him down before he ruins Chelsea’s life.

That’s what I call a celebration, Adam and and Chelsea are dressed and enjoying champagne between kisses and giggles. As she goes to freshen up, Adam talks to Victor’s portrait – how does it feel now old man? That the son who was never good enough, who only wanted your approval – is running your company right now. I won. Toast to me – toast to Adam Newman. In the doorway, a stunned Chelsea drops her champagne flute.

Next: I want the truth about what happened that night. And I’m going to get that from you, Phyllis growls at Victor … You’re not going to arrest Avery are you? Dylan asks Paul. Absolutely, he says (as Avery looks terrified)

My Thoughts: How did Marisa find Jack’s room. The ICU is nowhere near the emergency department. And why would Noah go through the emergency department to go to the ICU? …. If Nick, Vikki and Billy were all kept at work so late, why aren’t they going home – to their kids??? … Why are Sage and Adam answering nosy Mike’s questions? They aren’t on the stand – they could have just as easily told him to get lost and mind his own business. And how exactly did Sage hear about Mike’s marital problems? … Odd that no one at the club reacted to Avery firing off two shots into the ceiling. Shouldn’t someone be checking on the people in the room above? Were the gunshots not heard in the neighbouring suites? Why didn’t Avery bother to record Joe’s confession? … Odd that she didn’t mention that her purse or cell were missing. Why would her rapist still have them? He’d have taken anything of value and ditched the purse and pawned the phone… Surprising that Phyllis, the computer guru, carries a pad and pen with her to take notes (instead of typing a note into her phone… Doesn’t Chelsea feel a bit underdressed at an executive meeting? Everyone else is in business attire and she’s dressed like Ellie May Clampet.

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