Friday, July 10th

Avery aims and rants; You came back to town to win me back – hurt Dylan’s business – used a charity to get me to work with you – made a move on me so that I had to defend myself. You used that fall. You caused me to lose Dylan; the only man I’ve ever truly loved. Yes, he did those things – and hit Avery; ONCE, but he didn’t rape her. Confess! she orders, finger on the trigger.

Not completely convinced by Sharon and Dylan, Paul appreciates them coming to him (instead of Dylan going off half cocked) As the Chief goes to send a cop to go check on Avery, Dylan tells Sharon that Avery won’t be at home. By the time Paul gets to her, it might be too late.

At Underground, Nick, Vikki and Billy update Sage on their meeting and new slogan (which she too thinks sounds like a soft drink ad) The harder we fight for the company, the harder Gabe fights to hang onto it. Gabe hates Victor more than Billy does. Why can’t Chelsea see through him. You’d think she’d go for a decent guy after Adam, but nope – more of the same.

As Sage calls to warn Adam that Mike was asking questions, Mike walks into Victor’s office. Yes, he has some questions for ‘Gabe’. He’s heard Sage’s version of the last year of his life. Now he’d like to hear Gabe’s version.

Jack? Do you know Marisa? I can’t tell you yet, Jack says in his head – there’s too much I don’t know – about Marco, Victor, even Adam. You can trust me, Phyllis repeats – do you know Marisa? Does she know you? I won’t let anything happen to you. Jack’s not concerned about himself, he’s concerned about Red. Did Victor lure you to the park that night? Phyllis asks. Jack squeezes twice for no. Who then? she wonders.

In Marisa’s suite, Noah worries about her ex boyfriend being connected to Marco Anacelli. Put it out of your mind, Marisa tells him. Noah then wonders what she was doing in Jack’s room.

Nick comments that Gabe’s like a different man from the way he was in boarding school. Billy never liked him – he was after Chelsea from day one, even when with Sage. Sage returns with more beers, and claims she isn’t bothered by Billy’s comment (which he apologizes for)

Adam doesn’t know what Sage said – but he was taking care of his grandmother. Mike’s suspicious – that’s exactly what Sage said – almost as if she and ‘Gabe’ rehearsed it. What does this have to do with anything? Chelsea wonders. Mike’s questioning Gabe’s credibility. No one’s ever questioned my morals; Gabe couldn’t lie for Victor, his conscience got the better of him. Bristling at Mike’s thinly veiled accusations, Adam says that he’s either blackmailing Victor or sending him down the river – you can’t have it both ways. Mike gets a text from the Chief of Police (he’s checking our your story, he lies) Your life will be on trial as much as Victor’s, Mike warns in parting. Now alone, Chelsea wants the truth.

Avery rants about being raped in a dirty alley – tell me it was you! Say it or I pull this trigger. It was me, Joe says. Dylan bangs on the door; Avery!! Let me in! Avery opens the door and aiming the gun at Dylan, tells him that Joe just confessed. It’s true, Joe says. No, it’s not, Dylan replies (as Avery looks confused)

If Victor didn’t lure you into the park, and he didn’t intend to shoot you – was it self defense? No. He came to the park to shoot someone else? Yes. Who? Phyllis is puzzled. Marco, Jack thinks aloud.

Noah doesn’t think Marisa wandered into Jack’s room by mistake. You’re running from a man who’s connected to the man responsible for murdering Courtney. Marisa was hoping Jack would wake up and be able to tell her something about her ex boyfriend. Not mad at her, Noah leaves Marisa to take a shower and go to bed. In the hallway, he looks deeply troubled.

Adam doesn’t want their evening ruined by Mike’s questions. Chelsea wonders why he has it in for everyone; there’s a lot she doesn’t know about ‘Gabe’. But now it’s time to make out.

Joe’s telling you what you want to hear – he’s scared, Dylan pleads with Avery; he’s been where she is right now – at the end of his rope. You always talked me down; got me to think. Give me 10 seconds. Put the gun down. 1,2… come on …3. He extends his hand. Avery fires the gun in the air – I’m not done!!! Paul and an officer burst through the door – drop the gun NOW!

Back in Jack’s room, Phyllis can feel that Jack’s getting weak – rest now. Jack can’t – Marco’s out there. There must be a way to tell you, Jack then wiggles his fingers. Can you hear me? Jack!? Your fingers are moving – that’s good. Phyllis pulls paper and pen from her purse. Write the name of the person Victor wanted to shoot. Jack writes the number 2. What does this mean?