Monday, July 20th

Sorry, I have a terrible headache and can’t be bothered to spellcheck/proofread. It is what it is….

From her hospital bed, Abby insists that she made a good deal with Guy. You know that from your vast business experience? Billy scoffs. Abby believes that Billy knows it’s a good deal – he’s just afraid.

In GCM’s hallway, Ashley agrees Ben shouldn’t have said it – and shouldn’t be thinking about her. Forget it.

Get out of that chair – and this office, Victor orders Adam (as Chelsea hovers in the background) Adam knows the police will know he had the gun planted and will back bunking with Crazy Eyes soon. When Victor asks Chelsea to leave, she declines; as does Adam. Never mind who’s name’s on the door – ‘Gabe’s name is on this contract. Now kindly see your way out.

At Underground, Sage finds Nick moping because Avery’s leaving town. Sage gets that – it’s hard to say good bye to someone you planned to spend your life with.

Avery’s alone at CL’s, flashing back to good times with Dylan, then a not so good time (realizing their relationship was over) Dylan then appears for an eye-lock.

Yet again, Noah catches Marisa off-guard. As he turns around, she discards her robe and slips into a dress. Because she was sick, he brought some chicken soup. No need, Marisa’s feeling better now, but how sweet of Noah. I’m not the woman you think I am, she sighs.

Yes, Avery DID have to make a public confession (the right thing to do after publicly accusing Joe) Dylan’s glad to hear that the charges against Avery were dropped but why give up practising law, something she’s so passionate about? Sometimes you have to give up what you love the most, Avery opines.

Sage sympathizes with Nick – funny how Avery left Nick for Dylan, then he left her for Sharon. Losing everything, wanting it back at all costs make one do things they wouldn’t have thought possible. Nick’s glad Avery told the truth – how else would she be able to live with herself? Sage thinks of her own lies.

Victor tosses the contract on the desk – read more carefully; you’re interim CEO. Time’s up. Adam tosses if back – fine print says he’s CEO as long as Jack’s in a coma. You’re really something, Victor scowls – when I look at you I see my son Adam.

True, Noah doesn’t know much about Marisa. You know nothing about me, she corrects – people don’t take care of me – I take care of myself. Noah gives her spoonful of soup, dabs at the spillage, then almost kisses her. I’m sorry, I can’t, he backs away.

Ben and Ashley are NOT happy to find Billy berating Abby. If she’d listened to him she wouldn’t have taken that meeting (or been in that guy’s car) Ben declares the topic off limits – bring it up again and you’ll be thrown out. After Billy leaves, Abby thanks Ben for defending her – nice to know he’s always there. After a brief but awkward pause, Ashley goes to check on Jack. That was weird, Abby wonders what’s up with her Mom.