Monday, July 20th

Why would you say that you see Adam in Gabe? Chelsea wonders. Victor reminds that Adam once sat behind that desk, but he didn’t last long. I kicked his ass out. Adam is warned; anyone who crosses Victor Newman is destroyed; even my own son.

Sage tells Nick that she had the ringer off on her phone – she needed some alone time, to clear her head. Because of Gabe? Nick wonders/

Billy marches into ‘Gabe’s’ office griping about Abby screwing up royally. Oh, what a pleasant surprise, he quips at seeing Victor; shouldn’t you be making license plates? Are you going to let employees speak that way about my daughter? Victor complains to Adam. Updated on the gun found (or planted) in the penthouse, Billy heads off to tell Jack. Chelsea chases him – she hopes he doesn’t believe Victor’s version – Gabe was set up. Like it or not, Billy will have to choose a side (Victor’s or Gabe’a)

Ashley joins Phyllis in Jack’s room – sometimes he squeezes her hand, sometimes not. It’s frustrating. Ashley’s sure Jack will find a way to reach Phyllis.

Dylan jokes about his lame job – keeping CL’s was the right thing to do, but he might need a change. Avery too – she’s leaving GC (and will get help elsewhere) Dylan understands – when she comes back …. No, Avery’s not coming back – she’s leaving for good.

Dylan wonders if Avery’s leaving because of him. No, Avery knows they won’t be together – he and Sharon have a baby on the way. Tearing up, she can tell he’s happy – don’t apologize for that. People can be kind and honourable. You showed me that I deserve to be loved. Avery knows the world will open up for her one day soon. She hopes Dylan remembers how good they were together.

Abby’s worries about the ramifications of the deal she signed off on – and must get to the office. No, Ben insists she rest. He’ll go get what she needs from the office. Thank you – oh what would Abby do without him? She’s mystified by the kiss on the forehead she gets before Ben bolts.

Noah enjoys spending time with Marisa. He’s gonna go. Wait – Marisa calls him back.

Adam and Victor’s debate is interrupted when Victor gets a call (I’ll call you back ~click) Don’t get to comfortable in that chair, Victor warns in parting. Chelsea and Billy rejoin Adam to say Victor will do anything to oust him. Adam enjoys challenge. Billy’s choosing the only side he can; the Abbott’s (but not an Abbott come lately) In the hallway, Victor ends his call; please that someone’s found out where ‘she’ is.

Nick reminds that Sage left Underground after hearing him talking about Gabe. It’s obvious you cared about him (even though the marriage was in name only) Nick will do anything for Sage, even quit working at Newman-Abbott. Wow, that means a lot to Sage. Nick loves their honest and open relationship – there’s no lies ~hug~

Now alone, Chelsea worries that Adam will expose himself to Victor – give him his stupid chair back. Adam can’t – for Jack. It’s not about besting his Father. You’ll never get what you want from Victor, Chelsea’s sure.

Marisa thanks Noah for giving her a job, a place to live – you’ve been a good friend. Been – as in past? Marisa hopes not ~hug~ Good night. She’s left to smile – until Victor arrives; how did you find me? That’s not important, what is important is that Marisa threatened him – and that’s not a good idea.

In Jack’s room, Billy updates that Victor’s out on bail (which doesn’t surprise Phyllis or Ashley) After Ashley excuses herself, Billy needs answers. Tell Jack that, Phyllis makes a space for Billy to take Jack’s hand. Through squeezes, Jack confuses them – are you trying to say Gabe isn’t your son? Yes.