Monday, July 20th

Time for Avery to leave – she has a long trip ahead (no, she won’t tell Dylan where) This may be the last time I see you, she chokes up. Things work out the way they’re supposed to. Be good to yourself, Dylan also tears up ~hug~ Good bye, Avery gives him a quick kiss and with one last look, leaves Dylan to pull out his worn journal and mope over a photo of Avery.

In bed, Abby sends Ben a text – hurry back with those papers and a fudge sundae xoxo. Meanwhile, Ben finds Ashley taking a break on a park bench. About what Ben said …. Abby needs you, depends on you. Ben knows – we need to forget what I said earlier. Ashley heads back to the hospital. And Ben needs to go to the office. Staring at one another, neither make a move to leave.

At Underground, Noah worries he might be forgetting Courtney – the feel of her skin, her hair – her smell is fading from the apartment. Nick knows Noah loved her. Yes, Noah did – didn’t think he’d feel that way again. Do you? It’s not ‘disloyal’; it’s called healing. Across the bar, Sage gets a call – yes doctor – the results of the paternity test are in?

Adam’s learned his lesson. Chelsea thinks he’s still trying to gain his Father’s approval. Remember what it cost us last time? Step away from this job – if you don’t, it will consume you again. Chelsea won’t stick around for that again.

Jack continues to chat with Phyllis and Billy about ‘Gabe’ (who’s not Jack’s son) We need to keep this between us, Billy says. Finally you get it little brother, Jack thinks.

Marisa wan’t threatening Victor, she was sharing information – you didn’t shoot Marco in the park, that was Jack Abbott.

Next: Kevin tells Noah – it’s about Marisa, there’s something you need to know …. Where’s my boyfriend? He should be back here by now, Abby whines (as in the park, Ben and Ashley lean in as if to kiss) … The monitors beep as Jack convulses. Jack, Jack! Phyllis panics.