Tuesday, July 21st

In the park, Noah shows Marisa Kevin’s file on her. The ex boyfriend is Marco Aniselli? You’ve been lying to me? Yes, Marisa shaded the truth – Noah’s been so kind to her. For the first time she wanted to trust. You CAN trust me, Noah wants the truth. Yes, she and Marco were lovers. But that’s in Marisa’s past. Noah thinks that the end of the story then. No, not quite.

Phyllis looks at a framed photo of Summer and Avery – as Summer gets Avery’s cupcake recipe. Blah blah.

Victor looks down at Jack – was the girl telling the truth? Is it really you Jack? You bet your ass it is! Jack glares at Victor.

Next: I had nothing to do with those murders. I wasn’t even in town, Marisa tells Noah – but Marco was … Billy tells Phyllis that now they can expose Gabe Bingham for the fraud he is …. Chelsea calls Adam – Come to my place right away – you’re in serious trouble.

My Thoughts: Marisa’s not some criminal, Noah claims – like he’s not surrounded by criminals, including his Mom … So Noah’s supposed to still be in ‘mourning’ but it’s OK for Summer to move on with Kyle before Austin’s body was even cold? …. If Marisa had any sense, she’d document her story and put it in a safe place, to be released should anything happen to her (which is what Marco told Victor he did, though nothing came of it so I guess he was lying) … What’s Kevin talking about? ‘These are my search parameters’?? He shouldn’t be authorized to do background checks on anyone. His ‘past’ isn’t really that far in the past. Just a couple of years ago he was robbing houses with Chloe – and he was just suspended from his job for unlawful shenanigans. But really, why wouldn’t Kevin just Google Marco Anneselli – then he’d be able to see the online article about him leaving his girlfriend ‘holding the bag’ … Jack was so pissed that Phyllis woke up from her coma and thought of revenge (against Sharon) before him. So now he does the exact same thing – revealing that he’s awake to Victor, after playing ‘dead’ for Phyllis, Ashley AND Kyle. At least Phyllis dropped by the Abbott Mansion to change into her white designer dress… Ashley’s such a hypocrite – if she wants her daughter to be happy, why is she encouraging Ben? (not that Abby’s any better – not that I give a rats ass who Ben ends up with. Go visit your SON) .. Victor has the nerve to comment on Marisa not ‘stooping’ to blackmail? After he had Jack kidnapped and held for ransom by a mentally ill Kelly? (never mind setting a killer loose in GC – snuffing out the lives of TWO young people; two lives that were supposed to be spent with two of Victor’s grandchildren.