Thursday, July 23rd

Jack’s not sure about the squeezing – he just doesn’t know. He has no idea what the 2 meant either. What he does know it that he was desperate to get back to Phyllis. He came back because being with her is being alive. As they hug, Victor’s grim face peers through the window.

At Underground, Sage is alone and in tears; paperwork spread out on the table.

As luck would have it, Nick finds Gabe drinking at the club’s bar. Stay away from Sage and the baby, he warns. Sage had a DNA test done – the baby’s MINE!

Next: Chelsea blasts Adam at the bar: That thing with Sage was some recreational fun!? Other guys play golf – you have sex with your ex wife!? Shhhh, he tries to calm her down….Sage sniffles at Nick – I’m not going to make this any harder for you. I’m going to get my things out of the office and I’m gonna get out of your way …. Marisa questions Kevin – You’ve been to the lake haven’t you? And you’ll never guess what we found, he confirms.

My Thoughts: Based on Sage’s reaction, I assume that Adam’s the father. Regardless of how much he hates ‘Gabe’ (never mind Adam) who is he to play God and raise another man’s child? Hasn’t he learned that paternity secrets usually come out? He knows better than anyone how painful the fallout can be. Why put another child through what Summer experienced? Will this be kept a secret until Sage and Nick’s baby girl is a teenager – about to have sex with Connor?? … It seems Phyllis has forgotten all about Jack cheating on her with Kelly. Ashley even told her that he admitted it. And at the mention of Jack’s sobriety, it’s odd that Phyllis didn’t include catching him drinking. Having only been awake a few hours, Jack’s told her an awful lot of lies … Ashley raises a good point – Jack and Victor can’t run a company together. One shooting the other is a PR nightmare…. Good to hear Nikki taking responsibility for her drinking. I’m glad Neil’s there for Nikki, and he’s right to worry about her going back to Victor, but he knows better than anyone how hard it is to pull your head out of Victor’s ass. And it’s clear that he has an ‘agenda’ where Victor’s concerned.