Friday, July 24th

At GCM, Sharon doesn’t know why she’s so nervous over an ultra sound. Dylan’s not nervous because Avery lost his baby – he’ll do everything he can to ensure Sharon has a healthy one. Ben happens along for congratulations on his reinstatement. Sharon leaves the men to chat, and bumps into Sage; who’s preoccupied and has an appointment with her OBGYN. She’s not sure whether Nick will show up. It’s not business, she doesn’t know where she stands with Nick.

At the club, Nick tells ‘Gabe’ that he knows he slept with Sage. She had a DNA test, the baby’s mine, so stay the hell away. Adam doesn’t put much stock in paternity tests considering HIS history with them. How’d you know that!!?? Nick wonders.

Yet again, Noah finds Marisa in a robe. He’s brought a domed plate of food.

At Underground, Kevin asks Mariah to try getting a hold of Noah again. When Abby arrives, both try to get rid of her. What’s going on at the lake? she wonders. Fishing. Swimming. Kev and Mariah answer at once, arousing Abby’s suspicions.

Swimming or fishing? Both, Kevin claims. Abby’s not fooled – there’s only one reason they’d lie – you’re going skinny dipping. She’s been there done that – the flippers aren’t sexy. Abby’s asked not to tell anyone. At the mention of three unsolved murders, Abby demands (and deserves) to know what’s going on. OK – the cops may have been wrong – the drug lord could be the murderer – and he may be dead. Maybe? Abby wants to do things right for once – we’re going to the police.

Marisa wants to take things slow, so as not to repeat old patterns. Noah’s here to check that she didn’t leave town. And here’s a reason to stay. Tiny hamburgers? No, sliders – with Wisconsin cheese. Marisa apologizes for not telling Noah about Marco. It’s OK – he’s at the bottom of the lake. He knows she’s not responsible for Courtney’s death. About to kiss, Marisa needs to get changed so she won’t be late for work.

Back at GCM, Dylan and Ben chat about how supportive Ashley’s been – and how’s Abby? Unscathed – Ben updates that they’re getting together for some chill time. Dylan then talks about Avery leaving town to get help – and Dylan’s getting everything he wants (with Sharon)

Sharon tells Sage that Nick’s a forgiving person – if there’s anything I can do…. It can’t be THAT bad – not like you messed with his daughter’s DNA test. Sage confides that she slept with Gabe – once – and she’s paying for it.

Adam tells Nick that people talk – he heard the story. I didn’t lie, Nick claims. But you didn’t get a second test. Who’s to say you won’t claim this baby as yours because you want it to be? Nick’s willing to do a second test – and you? Adam claims that Sage might be trying to trap him for money, as she did him. Chelsea comes along to debunk that – who’s side is she on? The side of a woman who thought she couldn’t have a baby. That could be a lie too, some people lie as easily as they breath, Adam points out. Yes, they do, Chelsea glares at him.

Chelsea reminds that Sage was told she couldn’t have kids – so she obviously didn’t intend to trap Nick – this baby’s a miracle. Even you believe in miracles, right GABE? Sage told Chelsea that she didn’t know what love was until she met Nick (who’ll leave them to discuss it – I’m outta here) That leaves Adam to ask Chelsea why she’s defending Sage.

Sage apologizes for dumping her problems on Sharon (who’s OK with it – us pregnant ladies have to watch out for each other) Sage is sure Gabe’s not the Father. OK – then Sharon’s happy for her and Nick. Sage wishes Nick was happy about this, and declines Sharon sticking around after her appointment. Dylan (with Ben) comes along to gush about their kids being cousins – isn’t that great? Sage asks Ben to tell the doctor that she may be late – she’s waiting in case Nick shows up.

Abby wonders why Noah wants to keep this quiet. He’s protecting someone – Mariah decides to let Abby in on it. The Penelope Cruz wannabe was Marco’s girlfriend. They were in an accident that only she survived. Abby thinks that suspicious. When Noah and Marisa arrive, Abby takes a disliking to Marisa (but is told that they’ve lost enough people already) OK, Abby will keep it to herself – for now. Marisa then thanks Kevin and Mariah for keeping her secret.