Thursday, July 23rd

My wife doesn’t need your help, Victor states. Neil’s supporting his good friend (he and Victor speak like Nikki’s not even there) Please stay out of our marriage, Victor came to make peace. Nikki declines speaking privately with Victor (who walks off as she’s still speaking)

Still in Victor’s office, Vikki claims she loves Abby – but you’re out of your depth. And what about Ben? He doesn’t expect me to have his slippers ready when he comes home. Her Mom tries to pull that. She wants your job, Vikki warns.

Jack wasn’t the target – that’s what he said (via hand squeezes) He said he wasn’t armed. None of this makes sense. When Gabe leaves, Phyllis and Ashley plan to ask him what’s going on.

That’s how you’re gonna play this? I tell the truth about what happened in the park and you tell everyone I’m Adam Newman!? Jack points out that he’s an accessory – you even tried to blackmail Victor at the scene of the crime. They’ll fingerprint you – and know that you’re Adam Newman. Adam then asks about Marisa. She helped me – you didn’t, Jack barks – and besides, she has no proof that Victor arranged my trip to hell. So Victor gets away with it, Adam’s pissed. Jack was the one who was hurt, and he did things that might put him behind bars. So Victor beats you, Adam huffs. Oh he’s going down, Jack vows, but he won’t see it coming.

In Nikki’s suite, Neil praises her for standing up to the bullying Victor (without being tempted to drink) Yes, but Nikki feels guilty for not believing Victor. But he lied, he won’t change. YOU can – YOU have.

At the club, Ashley updates Victor that Jack’s supporting his story. Great – both heads of the company are pulling guns on each other in the park at night. Victor’s sure he’ll be exonerated, then go back to work. Ashley continues to gripe – so, you have a duel, put Jack in a coma – then work as partners? How’s that going to work? That’s for me and Jack to work out (Victor’s dismissive attitude leaves Ashley seething)

Adam has to go to the police station – he won’t go down for obstruction; he can’t get Chelsea back from a jail cell. Jack will pull strings – he’s got a Judge in his pocket. You walked me into a blood bath – all but put the gun in Victor’s hand! If you want a life with Chelsea, keep your mouth shut and follow orders!

Sage is carrying a miracle baby – she didn’t want Gabe to be part of it but needed to know. Were you ever going to confess to sleeping with Gabe? Nick wonders. Sage likes to think she’d have done the right thing. Nick mentions what he went through with Summer. Gabe knew he could be the Father – I was the only one who didn’t know. No matter what, Sage will love this little boy and girl – in her dreams, the baby is Nick’s. Now what do the results say? Nick slides them over and walks – see for yourself.

My Mom wants to be CEO (not COO) Abby claims. She’d settle for your job – and she’s not happy that you’re with Ben either, Vikki snipes. Abby thinks this a pot/kettle situation. OK, maybe Vikki is seething with jealousy that overnight Abby took her ex and her job – almost as if she planned it. Ashley arrives to say it’s absurd that Victor and Jack will be working together We have a common threat here – we must work together, Ashley scolds the bickering sisters.

At the station, Paul and Chris challenge ‘Gabe’s’ eyewitness statement – was Jack carrying a weapon? Did Victor shoot him in self defense? If Jack says he had a gun, Adam can’t dispute that. You gave a false statement that incriminated Victor, he’s reminded. Now Adam admits he didn’t see the actual shooting. Did Victor plant the gun to frame you!? Adam only wanted to protect Jack – it’s in his hands now.

Listing all their recent tragedies, Phyllis suggests a second honeymoon. Why did Jack say Gabe was his son? To keep Victor off balance. And what was the ‘2’ about? (Phyllis feels she misinterpreted Jack’s hand squeezes)

Chris is irritated that Paul’s not eager to charge Gabe. He suspects Victor’s holding something over his head. But Jack backed him up – does Victor have something over HIS head?? The relationship between Victor and Jack has obviously deteriorated. Now that Jack’s awake, there’s more fallout to come, Paul predicts.

Ashley’s corrects Vikki and Abby; Gabe’s not the threat she means. Doesn’t it bother either of you that they both had guns when they met in the park? What is this. the wild west?? It’s not over by a longshot – Jack and Victor are backing each other’s stupid stories. This could still blow up and knock us out too.

Nikki and Victor’s lives are intertwined. We’re always involved in some way. Nikki knows that she’s responsible for her drinking, not Victor. Maybe he’s just a handy excuse; a scapegoat. Neil points out that Victor’s nobody’s victim. Nikki understands why Neil would think she may fall under Victor’s spell again.