Friday, July 24th

In an examination room, Dylan arrives to see their baby on the monitor. It’s Mommy and Daddy, Sharon giggles. Neither want to know the sex.; they only care that the baby’s healthy.

Ben and Abby are both pleased that work is allowing them an evening together. Though both are busy, and Abby being in danger is what brought them together, they must remember why they’re together. Abby leads Ben off to update him on the case.

Beside a van they drove to the lake, Mariah has to disagree with what Abby said earlier; Kev’s flippers are sexy as hell. Then check out this. Kevin’s got full scuba gear. Soon they’ll find out whether he knows how to use it – and hopefully more.

Assured that Noah’s friends will keep their word, Marisa steps aside as Nick arrives to pour a drink. There’s not a problem with the baby, there’s a problem with it’s Mother (and they guy she slept with) Nick says as he drinks.

The question isn’t why Chelsea’s defending Sage, it’s why Adam’s dumping on her (after she kept his secret) Only because of Nick, Adam says – she’s protecting her nest egg. Chelsea thinks it good that Sage has motive to keep quite – and why put doubt in Nick’s mind? Adam’s not sure the baby’s Nick’s. Chelsea puts 2 and 2 together – you son of a bitch!

Chelsea freaks out on Adam for cheating on her; the woman he supposedly loves. It meant nothing? Some men take up golf for recreation, but you cheated with your ex wife!? This whole person you’ve created is a lie!! (she’s not placated to hear that he’s not the father of Sage’s baby)

Noah’s not surprised; Gabe and Sage were married. Yes, but in name only, Nick thought – Sage swears it was only one time. So that means he could be the Father, Noah realizes. No, Nick’s the Father. And since Nick had broken up with Sage, she can’t be blamed for cheating. Nick’s not bothered by the sex, but by Sage’s lie (being willing to let him think he’s the Father before she knew) How can I get past that? Marisa listens.

At GCM, Sage tells the nurse that she doesn’t need to reschedule – the baby’s Father got caught up in something. I’m ready, she follows.

Returning to CL’s, Dylan’s excited about the ultra sound photo – but Sharon’s depressed about Sage, to the point of tears. She didn’t think she’d be going through her pregnancy alone – if you’re gonna walk out on me, just go now.

Fighting back tears, Sharon claims that relationships aren’t meant to last – let’s end this now, before it’s too hard to say good bye. Dylan’s not going anywhere, he wants this baby more than anything. Understand? Yes, Sharon understands that the reason he’s staying is the baby. Cue the awkward pause as Dylan doesn’t deny it.

What Adam has with Chelsea is real – Sage was a lie; one night. He was trying to get over Chelsea marrying Billy (and Nick broke up with Sage) We were drunk – we fell into bed. We both regretted it and it never happened again. Chelsea’s not convinced – why did Adam do any of the things he did (pretending to be blind, pretending to be Ashley’s friend after being responsible for her miscarriage – and then there’s Delia) Yeah, Adam’s done a lot of horrible things – we both have. But he’s learned from his mistakes too. He thinks the baby might be his. No, Chelsea thinks Adam can’t help but want to best his brother. You can’t help but be your own worst enemy. I won’t be part of it ever again, she leaves in tears.

Abby’s brought Ben back to her old suite at the club – where it all began. She relays Kevin and Mariah’s lead – the killer might be dead, but isn’t confirmed. No, she had no intention of investigating herself. Oh how the danger of it all turned them on. Into the suite they go.

Marisa has advice for Nick; sometimes it’s wiser to keep a secret – maybe Sage was trying to protect you. When Sage appears, Noah and Marisa leave her to update Nick on her appointment. She won’t make this any harder on him. She’ll move out and find a new manager for Underground. She should have been honest but didn’t want to hurt (or lose) him. It serves her right and she’s very sorry. As she goes to get her things from the office, Nick stops her.

Across the room, Noah thinks Marisa was right – some secrets are better left secret. Sometimes NOT, Kevin and Mariah appear. Yes, they’ve been to the lake and you’ll never guess what we found.

Back at CL’s, Dylan reassures Sharon that he wants to start a family – with her – no matter what. He was committed to her before he knew she was pregnant. If you don’t walk away I will, Sharon stands. Dylan stands too – there’s one thing he hasn’t said; I love you.