Monday, July 27th

Sorry. No time for extras today. Taking care of my sick Mommy.

At the station, something doesn’t sit right with Paul and Chris – but Jack and Victor not telling the whole story. it looks like everyone goes free. Chris has one person to make a case against.

Adam pleads on one side of the door – a weepy Chelsea is on the other – go away or she’ll go to the police. Finally giving up, Adam moves on.k

Chelsea babbles to Connor – Daddy just can’t change. Anita drops by blathering about Victor and Jack in GC Buzz. She soon gushes about the super hot Gabe – what else could you ask for? Happiness.

At the Abbott Mansion, Jack does damage control. Billy doesn’t understand why he’d go to a fake son instead of him, or his real son. The Jack Billy knows would have nailed Victor for shooting him. Jack’s making decisions for the good of the company and family behind us. The shooting was as much Jack’s fault as Victor’s. Things spun out of control – but I’m back now. Be patient – the Abbott’s will run Jabot again. Phyllis decides it’s time for Jack to rest, but after Billy leaves also looks concerned.

In his office, Victor referees Abby and Vikki; there's room for both of you. Make nice with the Abbott's and amongst yourselves. Vikki whines; you don't get on the job training for the COO role. Victor's sure he and Jack can work together. Paul arrives - on official police business.

Connor sleeping, Anita pressures Chelsea - did something happen between you and Gabe? Does it involve Victor and Jack? Gabe's not the man you think he is, Chelsea says. Yes, but he loves you and Connor. You don't know Gabe AT ALL, Chelsea repeats.

Billy taunts Bingham at the park; lose something? Job? Family? You stepped down and came clean on a few things - but Billy knows there's more.

Back in Victor's office, Paul tells Victor that he's a free man - Chris isn't taking it to trial. As for Gabe, Paul knows how to do his job. He's suspicious how Victor and Jack's stories 'dovetailed' together.

I made it Dad, Jack says. Phyllis tries to explain that he was a different man after the wedding - but she feels connected again. Jack promises they won't lose that feeling again - he's home to stay. Phyllis goes back to the time Jack wanted to tell her something. He'd rather go upstairs - I need to be with you (in a much gentler way than Phyllis had become accustomed to)