Friday, July 24th

Talking about protecting her, Ben and Abby pant as they remove their clothes.

Noah and Marisa are both surprised to hear that Kevin and Mariah found the car – but no body.

Nick asks Sage to hear him out – he doesn’t want another manager, or for her to move out. He was wrong to blame Sage for turning to someone else – he pushed her away (thinking it was best for Faith) Gabe thinks this baby is his. No, it’s yours, Sage ‘swears it’. Even if the baby wasn’t his, Nick would still want Sage – and will be at every appointment from now on – if you let me ~hug~

Chelsea opens her door to Adam’s apologies. It’s Nick and Sage who deserve it, Chelsea’s about to shut the door. She’s only keeping Adam’s secret for Connor, but no, Adam can’t see his son. He’s better off without you, we both are. Chelsea closes the door slumps to the floor crying as Adam bangs and pleads.

Next: Behind his desk, Victor says – no more secrets, no more lies. Vikki wants the truth – what happened between you and Jack in the park? … What happened now? Chris asks Paul. I went to arrest Gabriel Bingham; he’s gone – he’s left town .. Go hold your children – go tell Victoria you love her. Stop trying to make me suffer, I’m suffering plenty! Adam shouts at Billy in the park.

My Thoughts: If Sage thinks Nick’s pissed now, wait until he finds out that Gabe is Adam – and that she’s the one who enabled him to worm his way back into the Newman family (and business) But as a reader by the name of Linda pointed out to me the other day, how exactly did Sage get a DNA sample of both Nick and Adam?? … While I’m glad that Sharon’s reverted to someone I can at least somewhat identify with, I don’t understand how that can be – since she’s thrown out the medication that controls her bi-polar. How can we be expected to blame her ‘acting out’ for the past DECADE on her being mentally unstable, if she’s not unstable (without medication)? Of all the ailments and medical scenarios the writers have botched, this has to be the most irresponsible. When Sharon starts ‘acting out’ again (and we all know it’ll happen; probably when she doesn’t have Dylan as her ‘calming influence’) I hope they don’t try to blame it on her ‘illness’ … There’s no way that Sharon and Sage will both deliver healthy babies. So, will Sage lose her miracle baby? Or will Sharon? (if that’s the case, I fully expect her to swipe Sage’s and pawn it off as hers and Dylan’s) …. How pathetic are Ben and Abby? Has the honeymoon phase already worn off? Not just ‘a very pretty face’ and LOADED, why can’t Abby land a man? Which reminds me? Where the hell is Detective Harding? … Are we expected to believe that Kevin drives that big black van? (when he’s not on his Harley) or did that come with the scuba equipment? Sure;he wouldn’t risk his job – again – by ‘borrowing” it from the station.