Tuesday, July 28th

Still in Daddy’s office, Abby’s mocking Vikki’s outdated ideas. When Billy arrives, the sisters continue to go at it. He then segues into a soliloquy on love.

Jack will always find something new to love about Phyllis. But she feels something’s off, but excuses herself when Adam drops by. He’s a free man (thanks to Jack pulling strings) Jack’s not happy to hear that Adam was eavesdropping – in his house uninvited. And Adam’s not happy that Jack didn’t tell Chelsea to trust him. Now I’ve got nothing – and nothing to lose.

You wanna marty yourself? Drag everyone else down? Why didn’t you just tell the cops? Yeah, Adam could have told the police what Sage did, that Jack covered for him – that Billy shot him. Jack points out that Chelsea hasn’t turned him in. As long as you’re not in a cell you have a chance with Chelsea and Connor. Adam then admits he almost took off with Connor. And why did Jack thrown him under the bus to side with Victor? The only thing important to Jack is that Phyllis is safe and doesn’t know what happened to her. And yes, revenge on Victor of course.

Neil eavesdrops as Lily rejoins Devon and Hilary to discuss wedding venues. The park’s out – that’s where Neil and I got married, Hilary reminds. After Nikki appears to lead Neil out, Devon and Hilary decide the club would be a good venue – the guest list; friends and family. Devon considers asking Neil to stand up for him. Are you going to leave fidelity out of the vows? Cane comes over to snarl (with Collin)

Abby liked Vikki better when she was a supportive big sister and she was the walking failure. Speaking of walking failures, Billy quips as Adam arrives at the office to announce that the charges have been dropped. BWhen Billy orders Gabe to shut his mouth and leave, Victor arrives to say he’s not going anywhere.

Still in bed, Paul’s condition is being aggravated by Chris and Paul’s badgering. In the hallway, Dylan and Chris bond. After she goes for coffee, Ben comes along to update Dylan that Paul will be OK (and mention the guy struggling with PTSD) Dylan hints that he’s not satisfied saving the world one latte at a time.

He tried to frame you, Vikki reminds. And he’s not Uncle Jack’s son, Abby adds. Billy finds it ridiculous to keep Gabe onboard. Resign, Victor suggests. Vikki and Billy leave Abby to say that she and Gabe worked well together. After she’s sent off to read some research, Gabe’s left wondering what the hell’s going on. Victor hopes he doesn’t regret his generosity.

At the park, Nikki and Neil chat – Yes, Victor’s her trigger, but Neil’s not doing himself any favours by eavesdropping on his happy son and ex wife. Don’t do this to yourself. Neil wants to crush their dreams – thoughts of revenge are his drug of choice. I can’t get enough.

Ignoring his Dad, Cane mocks Lily – did she prepare Devon and Lily’s vows – hey, I promise to be faithful til I have an excuse to cheat. Devon begged me to keep his dirty little secret, Hilary drugged me and took photos to make you think I was cheating with her. Cane’s sarcastic – yeah he doesn’t have a reason to hold a grudge against the three adulterers.

Lily tells Cane not to use her to attack everyone in her family – she’s had to forgive HIM for a long list of things. Maybe you never DID forgive – that’s why you cheated with my friend Joe, Cane reasons. Is it fun to attack the Mother of your children? Because the man Lily married would be disgusted with himself.

Harding updates Paul at GCM. The call came to him directly – from Judge Redding’s office. Someone’s jerking the Judge’s chain – someone high up on the food chain. Paul tells Harding to check out the call log. Dylan comes in to end the visit (knowing they’re discussing work) In the hallway, Dylan lectures Harding (who didn’t know Paul had a heart attack) Ignore a problem and it gets worse, Dylan frets.

On the rooftop, Abby raves about her job to Ben – she has a meeting later today. Ben talks about handling a patient who was pretty messed up. It took him back to Afghanistan. We were brothers. Ben narrows his eyes as Abby likens that brotherhood to her and Gabe; we’re in this together. Ben chuckles – I’ve gotta get back to the hospital. Abby’s still talking and packing up her briefcase as he bolts.

Phyllis wants an explanation from Jack (that doesn’t leave her with more questions) Anywhere Phyllis is, is home to Jack – he was trapped inside his brain for a long time. Let’s go away. No, not a trip – a honeymoon.

Victor reminds Gabe that he’s only there because Jack pulled strings. Shrugging it off that Jack’s helped him (by lying) Victor wonders why he’s helping Gabe (not his son after all) Does he have something on you?

Dylan returns to Paul’s room to make him feel guilty. The stress of the job won’t kill me, Paul will be there for Dylan, Chris, Heather etc. Dylan already lost one father – and he wants his son or daughter to get to know Paul.

Coming through the revolving door, Nikki tells Neil that revenge is poisoning him. Neil can’t help but feel slapped in the face by Devon and Hilary getting married. They look towards the bar; where Collin’s dragged Cane off to. He taunts Lily for being besties with Hilary. People get over themselves or they don’t, she snarls at Cane. Back at the table, Devon and Hilary look up at Neil (who glares and keeps going)